Thursday, November 25, 2010

30 Thankful Days: Day 25

Wow, today was a really hard day to feel grateful...

Oh, by the way... HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Why? Well, apparently the leftovers I ate Wednesday were... well, no longer good, and gave me food poisoning. So Thanksgiving morning I woke up... worshiping the porcelain gods. Bleh! 
(I hereby vow NOT to eat anything on the day before Thanksgiving again... it just doesn't taste good the second time around)

So while my stomach was cramping and hurting terribly I tried to think of different things to distract myself. I quickly thought about my lil' blog and how I've been trying to be much more grateful. So I tried to make a mental lists of reasons why I was thankful today. 

Here is what I came up with:

I am grateful that we didn't plan Thanksgiving at our house. 

I'm grateful that our invitation was from one of Ryan's school friends, so he didn't feel weird going w/o me. (And I wasn't as bummed to miss out)

I am grateful for the calories I saved myself that day. 

I'm grateful for Ryan rubbing my back while I was bent over the bowl (I'm sure he would have held my hair if it wasn't already in a ponytail). 

I'm grateful for my sweet hubby for making the rolls that day to take over for dinner.

I'm grateful those rolls didn't rise fast enough to be done in time, so we baked them late that night and now I can enjoy them too. 

I'm grateful that the house Ryan and Sarah went to had a dog, so Sarah was thoroughly entertained the entire time.

I'm grateful that Abby took a little bit of a nap, and that we got to snuggle and hang out while Sarah and Ryan were gone, just the two of us.

I'm grateful for the bottle of Sprite Ryan and Sarah brought home to me.

I'm grateful that after I had fallen asleep at 7:30pm that Ryan cleaned the whole house (which I discovered when I woke up at 10:30pm...wide awake). 

I'm grateful for layers of blankets to snuggle into and get warm. 

I'm grateful I was feeling mostly better at 10:30pm and had a little bit of leftovers that Ryan brought home for me. Yum!

I'm grateful that it was just food poisoning and not something contagious, like the stomach flu.  

I am grateful for the reminder this holiday gives to truly think about all of the many ways we are blessed. 

I hope you all had an extra wonderful holiday, and were able to remember all of the little things to be grateful for in life. I am grateful for all of you. Love you and Happy Thanksgiving!


Deb said...

Aw I'm sorry! That has to be the worst! I've been sick on Easter and Christmas before, but never on Thanksgiving! :( I'm glad it's not the flu and you are feeling better. Sorry you missed dinner, we'll just have to pig out when you're here. :)

Gwendolyn said...

I'm sorry you were sick Liz! That's no fun but way to look at the positive side of things! :)
Glad you are feeling better!