Sunday, November 14, 2010

30 Thankful Days: Day 14


I think I would go mad in a world with no music. 
I am grateful for it in so many ways.

It helps me get through my runs (which somedays I need a LOT of help). There is nothing like a good beat that can make the time fly by when I'm pounding out the pavement. I know how some people enjoy running without music (which power to them, I can't do that) but somehow I love how my mind wanders during songs, and how certain songs bring up old memories and help to distract me from how slowly the scenery is passing by.

I'm thankful that my husband appreciates music and fills our home with it through the piano. I don't think I take the time to enjoy his playing enough (because most days I am so tired of the noise the girls have filled the house with all day, that I just want it quiet when he gets home). I do appreciate it though, and really enjoyed listening to him play variations of some of my favorite hymns after church today.

I love how music facilitates the spirit. Music is one of the best ways that I am able to feel the spirit and I think that it is the easiest way for children to learn to recognize the spirit as well. I need to set aside more time to listen to uplifting music and increase the spirit in my heart and home.

And nothing is better than rocking out in the car making the other drivers around you think you have lost your marbles. It is really fun because Sarah and Abby have started bouncing around to my music when it is mommy's turn to control the tunes. 

I hope that I can teach my children to love and appreciate music. I know that I have so many cute little songs that my mother taught me when I was little, even songs that she made up. Did you know that my mom wrote a song for all of my family members? Even the in-laws. It is a really fun thing to sing along together. Do you want to know how my song goes?

Elizabeth, Elizabeth she likes to pull your nose. 
She likes to laugh and giggle and wiggle all her toes. 
She likes to pull her sister's hair and rollie pollie too. 
Elizabeth, Elizabeth, we love you.

Silly, but I can remember many a times driving in the car as a family and we'd take turns singing each other songs. We all hated it when it was our turn because it was so embarrassing, but I know deep down we all loved it because it made us feel special and know that our family loves us. 

I love listen to Sarah sing songs she has learned and Abby humming her own rendition of melodies she has heard. It really makes our home happier when the girls are playing around the house singing/humming songs. I'm also grateful for the easy distraction a song can be from a bonk or other drama filled incidences in our home. 

Music is wonderful, and I am so grateful for it!


Ash said...

Hey! I was just talking to Mel the other night about how I love music. I always think that I"m not much of a music person but then I'll listen to some of my favorite songs and it lifts me up a ton! I feel the spirit the very most when somebody gets up in Sacrament and does a solo. I LOVE those kinds of Sundays. I so wish I had a voice to sing. Your a lucky gal to have a piano playing hubby and your amazing voice to go along with it!

Ash said...

Ps. Your mom is sooo cute! I love hearing all the little stories you tell about how she made your childhood so fun. Now wonder all the Newey kids turned out so great. They had an amazing mama!:)

Gwendolyn said...

I'm the same way with running. My music helps dull the pain!! :)