Sunday, November 21, 2010

30 Thankful Days: Day 21

So today in Nursery our Lesson was on being Thankful (ya know, for Thanksgiving). Those Nursery kids are so stinking cute, I'm really blessed to be in there (even if 20 kids show up and I'm totally overwhelmed each week), I truly am grateful to be in there.

Anyway, Sarah actually didn't go to Nursery today (she has a cold/cough) and after church I was talking about our lesson with her and asked her what she was grateful for. Her first reply was food, and then toys. Then I said that I was grateful for my parents and then she cheerfully shouted "and Heavenly Father!" It just made me so happy that she would think of that (you know... after the food and toys). This world is getting so crazy that it is scary to think about what challenges my girls will face when they are older. I'm grateful for the Primary/Nursery program to help teach little lessons to them and build their knowledge and faith in the gospel. I'm grateful for my wonderful friends and family that are amazing examples and help to teach them right from wrong. I get so stressed about being the perfect mom, I have so many faults. But I hope that my girls know of my testimony of the gospel and that I know that if they trust in God and remember that all of their blessing come from him that they will find true happiness and joy in their lives.


Ash said...

They'll believe it because they'll see how happy and giving you are and want that for their own lives. That's where my testimony started I wanted to have the generous heart and happiness my mom showed from day to day and I saw how happy the gospel always made her. I think all of us moms feel inadequate to do this job, but I really think you are amazing at it. And you've gotta be the funnest lil nursery teacher ever!:)
Oh and that's so cute what Sarah said! I'd be beaming too. :)

Carolanne said...

I second this grateful post! I am so grateful that my son has nursery leaders that make it so much fun for him. He practically runs out of sacrament meeting the second the prayer is finished so he can get there. A good start is crucial for our little ones.