Friday, March 25, 2011

Tiny Tots Symphony

We have some of the most AMAZING moms participating in our little preschool. 
One of them organized a wonderful trip to see the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO). 

To make our trip even more fun we took the "T" into downtown (kind of like Trax)
 The kids were so excited. 
Sarah was too... until she bonked her head getting onto the elevator. 
She was more than a little tired and became quite the drama queen. 
It took an explanation about how we were going to see some silly instruments 
just like on the Little Einsteins. 
It helped her get a little pepped up again... but still was a little whiny. 
 You can see in her big brown eyes that she is sleepy.

The show was adorable. 
The PSO opened with a fun song to get the kiddos attention and then they had the Man with the Yellow hat come and narrate the story of Curious George.
The PSO would play music at certain scenes in the story. It was really fun.

I loved looking out into the audience and seeing all of the kids bouncing and wiggling to the beat.
About half way through the performance Sarah turned to me and asked when she was going to see the Little Einsteins.
She wasn't to thrilled when I tried to explain that we weren't going to actually see them.

Here's the gang after the show.

It was very fun. I'm so glad that I got to go. 
Thanks Margie for planning it all, and Amy for getting us there. 


Aden and Jamie said...

How fun! It looks like there are a lot of kids Sarah's age there. We don't have any kids in that age group in our ward.... not that I have a kid that age so I guess it doesn't matter. It must be fun for you guys!