Friday, March 25, 2011


Made a quick trip to Phipps with a friend last Friday. It was a fun little outing. 
We had fun exploring the children's gardens and got to see a very special thing. 
Brand new baby bunnies. There were two of them sitting out in the sun. 
(I know it kind of looks like a dead mouse, but I thought it was cool to show the girls brand new little bunnies, the workers said that they were no more than a day old (maybe even just hours old)

Phipps always has little activities for the kiddos to do while going through the conservatory.
It was a bingo card day... Sarah is laying out busily scribbling all. over. her card. 

Can you see the pencil on her hand in this next picture?
Kind of looks like a shadow, but no, it is pencil. 
The had these cool pictures for kids to make rubbings on.
Abby gave it a try, but just ended up coloring on her page. 
She much preferred running around this little pond filled with fishies.

It was a nice way to get out of the house and let the girls run around. 
Thanks Jess!


Aden and Jamie said...

Um.... that baby bunny looks kind of freaky! Looks like you guys have some nice springy weather there! Maybe I need to come visit.

Lizzie said...

It does look freaky, but in a few weeks its going to hopping around and so cute and fuzzy... it just gets me excited for spring. And yes.. we DID have some spring weather... now it is gone and cold again. Blech.