Thursday, March 3, 2011

DC Trip

Ryan finished his last class of his Second year of medical school last Friday, so we decided to pack up the girls and head to DC for a celebration (both for Ryan finishing the course work of medical school, and to celebrate his birthday on the 26th of February).

It was short and sweet and absolutely wonderful. 

We've decided that going down and back in one day is too much for the girls (it is a 4 hour drive one way) and so we try and make a trip out of it and book a night in a hotel. 

We arrived at our hotel at about dinner time. 

The girls were so excited when we got into our rooms (probably because they were just happy to be out of the car). 

Here they are breaking in the bed!
 Sarah was crazy monkey. I have about four or five pictures of Abby standing in this same spot and Sarah is in a completely different spot in each shot. 
(and um, looking at these pictures I realized that my scarf lying on the bed kinda looks like lingerie... we are not kinky parents so its not, its just a scarf)

We forced the girls to eat some dinner before they could go swimming. 
 (I swear, it took Sarah like an hour... she was so excited to go swimming she couldn't function)

I didn't dare take the camera down to the pool house, but we love this little hotel. It is a 20 minute drive from the temple but for the price it is great. It has an indoor pool, free hot continental breakfast (which we missed out on this time because there were a gazillion high school kids there... must have been a band trip because we saw lots of instruments), plus the room feels spacious and luxurious.  

AND, Sarah loves her "secret bed" (aka a sofa-bed)

We were so lucky this trip. I mentioned it to a friend in the ward that we were going and they spontaneously decided to join us. So that morning (the morning of Ryan's birthday) we were able to go to the temple TOGETHER!!! Happy Birthday Ryan!

It was so nice to not have to take turns. Our friends took our kids swimming with theirs and when we were done we swapped and watched their kids for them. It was heavenly. 
(Thanks Scott & Margie)

 Haha... goof ball (I was setting up the tripod)

Sarah must have enjoyed it because everyday this week she has asked if we can take another trip. 
She says, "Mommy, can you just keep driving and driving and take us on another trip?"
Oh, if only she knew how tempting that sounds to me... I'd keep driving and driving to Utah of course.

It was a wonderful trip. Wish it was longer. Next time.


Deb said...

Cute pictures. Looks like a fun trip. Happy Birthday to Ryan! Glad you guys got out of the house for some fun!

Karla said...

Jealous! I love D.C. Although every time I've been the temple has been closed for cleaning. That is one place that I will go back to again... it's just a little longer for us. :) Hope the birthday was great!