Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I felt sooo good yesterday (monday), tired but was doing so much better than Sunday that I thought I was fine. 

Well... I thought wrong. 

By about 5pm Monday evening it hit me hard how much I over did it. 
And today, well, I've been pretty much useless. 

But this simple thing brought some peace to my day. 
 Nature is amazing, and what these lil' things went through was incredible. 
Wish it was warmer outside so I could watch them dance on the wind and fly off on an adventure. 

Now. To follow Dr. Husband's orders. 
Rest, watch a show,  and not feel guilty {the hardest part} while doing it. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be better than today was. 
Thanks for all of the kind words and well wishes. I have the dearest people in my life.
Thank you.


Jamie Hirtle said...

Now I feel VERY guilty for making you teach me to crochet last night!! We could have just rescheduled!! You are such a good friend!! Hope you get feeling better soon.

Deb said...

Ooh pretty pretty! Sorry you aren't 100% yet. Enjoy your show and RELAX!

nlybbs said...

Awesome little beauties! Sorry you were feeling yucky again! If we lived closer, I would watch your girls so you could rest guilt-free. Don't feel guilty! You need to get better so you can be the best mom ever! Oh wait, you already are! :O)