Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Back in January I splurged and bought a toy storage bin set from ikea.
I love it... so much. It looks adorable in the girls room.

Anyway, Sarah brought me up in her room to show me this. 
Courtesy of Abby. 

I can't be too upset. It was just crayon, and did rub off semi-easily. 
But still was frustrating.

Abby has entered into the color on any and everything stage.
With Sarah, I didn't have this problem. She was the only one to get in trouble, and I was really good about keeping things up and out of the way, and so she never had the chance to get into things.
(er, um, except for when I was 9 months pregnant and Sarah took a permanent marker to my parents basement walls and doors... um, still sorry about the Mom & Dad)
Now that Abby has entered into this stage. I'm a little more distracted, and I have a little help with not getting the crayons and things put away *cough*Sarah*cough*. 
Oh well, its just stuff. Its not the end of the world if she colors on things. 
Just need to renew my efforts to keep everything out range, 
and begin teaching her what she can and can't color on.
Hooray for parenthood! 


Alisha said...

Oh, so frustrating! I thought that we were over that kind of thing with Sophie and just a week ago I went into her room and found she had colored on EVERYTHING. Bed sheets, walls, beds, toys, puzzle's...etc. I was flabbergasted. The best thing in the world, if you don't already use it on crayon, is the magic eraser. It's truly magic.
Good luck with the parenthood thing. Hopefully we all survive. ;)

Ash said...

Heee heee:) Sorry I gotta laugh at ya only cause the same thing has happened to me many times. Glad it came off, I still have colored cupboards. I haven't really attempted many things on them tho. I always think about that hand print poem that one day I'll miss all the hand prints on my walls.

Deb said...

June's in that same stage. She's obsessed with coloring all day long on everything. She colored on our (ugly, crappy, black) TV cabinet a while ago, thankfully not on our TV. I'm just waiting for the day to see scribbles on the walls.

Kelly said...

I love that you took a picture before you cleaned it up. So not looking forward to Ella starting this phase, but I think I've got a while still.

Jeffrey said...

I seem to recall another young lady by the name of Elizabeth Suzanne who when through this same phase (and it was not just with crayons), and look at the wonderful mom and woman she's become. Hang in there Liz, it gets better.