Monday, March 14, 2011

Poor Kiddo

Abby woke up sick this morning, again. 

I swear. This poor little one thinks she needs to build up her immune system all in one year.
I'm half tempted to give up nursery at church until summer, I swear that is where she gets it. 

I'm tied to the couch.
Right by her side, if I get up she notices. 

It's kind of a bummer because I got up early to get a little jog in  (its be a long time) and while I was looking for my head phones I heard her whimpering, so I got her a drink and she keep fussing, which is unusual. Went back in only to find she was all fevered up.
By this time Sarah was up too, and we all headed downstairs to cuddle to a movie...
and get thrown up on. 
Thanks Abby. 

But I can't be upset. She feel so terrible. 
Keep snuggling that little blankie Abby...
and I'll stay right by your side.
(even if it means I don't get my list a mile long done... at least we own a laptop...)

Oh, and here are the pictures of our little butterflies-to-be.
Once they are all cocooned it is time to move them to new quarters
We had four caterpillars, but one fell off, you see that dark spot on the lower right hand side. 
I don't know if it will make it, but when I was moving the chrysalises to the butterfly home it started wiggling, so we'll see. 

Here they are hanging up in their new little home. They look so cool, all freakiness aside. 
It is really cool you can see their little wings forming in there.
Just a few more days and they will emerge beautiful butterflies. 
Can't wait. Hope I'm around to watch.


Em said...

sounds like the tail end of PA JanuFeb. Pretty sure that everyone is sick from December till April in the entire State of PA.

Laurel said...

Poor little Abby. I believe it is nursery too. We kept Paisley away for a few weeks during the winter just because it seemed a lot of sick kids were in there. Then it just keeps passing around. I also had a friend keep her son in sunday school and relief society for a couple months because he kept getting sick in nursery. Man it is no fun! Hope she gets better soon and the sickness stays away from you house!

Tina said...

So sorry that Abby is sick! It just needs to get warm outside so we can all get out and get some fresh air in our systems! I think that would help immensely!
I love that you are documenting the caterpillars/butterflies. Very cool. I'm thinking we need to get one of those kits.

Ashley said...

Hope your Abby gets better soon. :( She looks so sweet cuddled up with her blankys on the couch. Hey! I noticed you do know Laurel! She is my sister in law's (Jill's) really close family friend. Small world.

Deb said...

Aw sad! Hope she gets better soon for both your sakes! I agree, nursery is the worst at giving out colds and flus. I think the young men and young women need to go in a couple times a year and spray the toys down with bleach and water as an activity! It would save us moms a lot of trouble!

Gwendolyn said...

Aww, poor Abby. Hope she gets feeling better. It's the worst when kids are sick.
I have to say those caterpillars look disgusting! :) But that will be cool to watch them change!