Thursday, March 3, 2011


It was the last class of the Winter Session of Gymnastics, and on this day family and friends get to come into the gym and try everything out. It is a fun day. Abby loves getting to play with Sarah. 

Here is Sarah showing off some of the things she has learned. 
Abby trying to copy Sarah. 

 She LOVES flipping over the bar. 

I love this picture of Sarah's teacher, Ms. Beth. It give you a taste of her fun loving personality. All of the kids love Ms. Beth. She is WONDERFUL!

At the end the kiddos get a little award and a stamp on their hand.
 Abby felt pretty special. 

Sarah asked to bring along her sweet little friend Emery.
Thanks for coming Emery! Sarah loved having you there.

It was a fun day (even if I was feeling a little gross from my cold that day). 


Karla said...

How awesome! I hope you got to try some things out too. :) Before you know it Abby will be there for real.