Friday, March 4, 2011

Minding our Ps and Qs

So I have been working on helping Sarah to be polite. She is a funny girl. We started talking about things that are, and are not polite to say. For a little bit Sarah was beginning to think that bathroom words were funny to say. Ryan and I decided to start talking about it early so it would be easier to deal with. 

I explained to Sarah that talking about butts/bottoms isn't a very polite thing to do. I also explained to her that talking about stinky smells in the bathroom aren't very polite (we've gone into public bathrooms several times only to have Sarah yell about the stench, and of course, the person contributing those smells sometimes were still finishing up their business)
So we've talked about it and now she understands... sort of. 

If I'm taking her to the bathroom and comment that she needs a bath because she is stinky she quickly replies "Mommy, that's not polite to say" - which I guess she is right. 

Since she has learned that bum isn't polite to say she now refers to it as her "body behind me" which I think is adorable. "Mommy, I fell on my body behind me" haha, I love it. 

We've also been talking about burps. Sarah LOVES to burp! I don't know where she got it from because Ryan and I really don't give attention to burps (much to my former roomies disbelief... I've given up the habit). Well, Sarah loves to burp, half of the time it is fake, but I really think she has learned how to force out a burp. 
So we had the talk about how our bodies make noise and it is polite to say excuse me afterward. 
Well now when ever we are out and about she will burp repeatedly saying excuse me after each occurrence. I try not to give it too much attention, but those darn grammies in the store aren't helping. 
"Why aren't you being a polite little miss"
"Oh, how cute, you said 'excuse me' why aren't you adorable"
*sigh* Thanks local grandmas, this is going to take a lot longer to get over. 
Oh well, she's only four.

I do love watching children learn and grow. 
They are so creative. I only wish I could write it all down to remember it all forever. 


Carolanne said...

So funny! I'm going to start calling it the body behind me too. It's a keeper!

Ali or Mike said...

very cute! I wish Gabe were as good as her. Everything about farting, burping, and hind-ends is hilarious. and Savanna is picking up on it.

Ash said...

That's so funny! Me, Val and Gwen were just talking about this the other night! Val's, Alyssa is doing that same burping thing, or maybe it's Alex. And X has also gotten into the whole thinking bodily functions and talking about them is funny and then Fred feeds off it as well. Where the kids come up with it is beyond me but it drives me nuts. I had to laugh tho about Sarah yelling out in the restroom that it stinks, when it really does. Sometimes I wish I could be as honest as a kid;