Thursday, March 17, 2011

An Awesome Day

I am a sunshine girl. We may have to move to Hawaii or California just so I can enjoy the Sunshine more, 
I've really noticed how it affects my mood/attitude. 
Well today was an awesome day. 
Not only was there sunshine, but we had some great things happen. 

We had to take our car to get inspected (that isn't an awesome part, especially since we needed new brake pads to pass *sigh* but the girls and I were able to get a good {hilly} walk in), we dropped the car off early in the morning and then walked home. We had some friends that were meeting at a park so we packed some lunches and headed off to one of our favorite parks... the Dinosaur Park (its about a mile and a half away)

It was really fun to take Abby because she is starting to really enjoy going to parks. When we walked up she got all excited and started jabbering away. 
Here are some pictures from the park. 
 The Princess in her tower. 

Abby figuring out that she loves slides.  
 (except when she decided to go down head first in the tube slide and when mommy caught her she scraped her forehead with her lens cap... 
sorry Abby!)

Maybe she thought she could do it after watching big sister. 

The totally awesome twisty poles.  
 I know I mentioned these in a post before, but they are so cool. You just stand on them and they start spinning. You can control how fast you go by lean toward/away from the pole (although this kind of backfires on kids sometimes because they lean forward to hold on tighter and they just start spinning faster... kind of funny though)
I loved that Abby was finally able to enjoy them too!

 This girls love to swing. 

Abby also discovered Merry-go-rounds. 
She was obsessed with it. 
Kept running over and scaring mom half to death that she was going to get taken out by it.
The other kids were nice and would let her climb on for a bit and spin slow for her. 

It was a wonderful time at the park. 
While we were the the auto shop called and told me I could come and get my car, perfect timing. So we walked to the shop and picked it up. 
I got in about 5 miles of walking today... with lots of huge hills. So that made me really happy to get the exercise, fresh air AND sunshine. Talk about spoiled. 

So as I was heading home Ryan called me, with perfect timing. So we offered to pick him up from school and while in the car I mentioned how Chick-fil-a was giving away a free 8 count chicken nuggets to anyone wearing green. So we headed down and all cashed in and had an early dinner at Chick-fil-a. 
Daddy time is always a day brightener. 

Then after we got home I checked my e-mail... and guess what?
I WON a giveaway!
So cool. 

It has been a totally awesome day. 
The girls and I got lots of exercise, so they will go down early, and tonight I have a Relief Society Activity, so I get to go have some kid-free adult time. Hooray. 

Way to be an awesome.

Thanks Mother Nature for giving us 60º weather and for letting Mr. Sun come and visit us in the gloomy 'Burgh.


The Hart Family said...

Glad you had such an awesome day!!! The spring weather is a huge spirit booster, especially after having sick kiddos!!

Deb said...

I'm glad you had a great day! You deserve it. I keep wondering what you won though, do tell!

James and Talai Macfarlane said...

I saw you walking to the park! And YES it was a gorgeous day! Kate and I went for a run in Schenley and then when I was done I took her to the Bartlett Playground to swing (she LOVES them like Abby!) and I saw Becky Wayment and Rachel Quigley. It was a park kind of day for sure!

Gwendolyn said...

Looks like they had lots of fun! I'm the same way with the sunshine. I NEED it. Let's move to Hawaii together! :)