Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sarah's 4th Party Pics

Okay, I'll minimize the dialog... er... I'll try at least. 

Here we go. 

Sarah in her dog house, yes, you've seen it before... but look how cute she is with her make up fresh and with her little dog ears. Awe... moving on. 

I managed to remember how to tie balloon animals and each kid got a "puppy" to teach tricks to.  

 After they trained their puppies, we taught the kiddos how to be puppies. 
They each came up and did a couple of dog tricks and earned a doggie treat (aka a scooby snack)

Here is a picture during the musical doghouse game. It was crazy, would have worked much better with a smaller group. 

The kids LOVED pretending to be puppies. Here is Sarah with one of her best friends, Emery. 
They were being puppies and panting. 

Here is the puppy version of pin the tail on the donkey... but what do you call it?
Throw the dog a bone? Um, er, I'm not so sure. 

All ready to open her presents (and boy was she spoiled!!!)

Playing heavy, heavy hang over. 

 I really love these pictures that give a snippet into the craziness of this party.

The pupcakes and bones. 
The bones are cookie cut out of pop-tarts... so easy and looked so cute.  

Here are all of the kiddos eating their pupcakes.
Did you see all of those kids?
Want a head count?

Yes, TWELVE kids, plus Sarah, so we had THIRTEEN lil puppies we were hearding around. 
Crazy, craziness!
I'm the crazy, that is for sure. 

It was a fun party. While we were waiting for the parents to come we set up a little obstacle course for the kiddos to run through. They loved it. Perfect way to end the party.

Next year... um, we'll see if we do a party this big.
Good thing its a year away, I need to recoup. 

Well, I tried... what can I say, I'm a wordy person. 


Momma Twitch said...

You're such a good momma. You girls are going to have the best memories. :) Oh yeah, I remember "Heavy heavy hangover!" Good times.

Mrs. C said...

Thank you so much for your tips on the puppy party!