Monday, March 21, 2011

Back in the Saddle

Warning: This post has some gross pictures. 
View at your own risk

Okay, I'll admit it. I struggle in the winter. 
With everything. 

But nothing beats the blues than going out and exercising.
Especially running. 
Even though I know this, I struggle to get out there and do it.
(I'm not a morning person, but that is the only time that works for running outside)

Well. Today I jumped back in the saddle and am happy to say that I did pretty well after taking a little more than four months off. 
I ran 3.2 miles (the distance of a 5k)

I ran the whole time. 
Even after biffing it into a huge puddle of mud.  
Did you know you could belly flop into a puddle of mud on the sidewalk? Well, you can. 
I only had half a mile to go, but was proud that I kept going, 
probably helped shake off the pain. 

My neck really hurt when I fell, and kind of throbbed as I started running again, but I think it worked its way out. We'll see how I feel in the morning. 

Aside being covered in mud, I looked worst on my knee, it took the brunt of the fall. 
Just ignore the white legs. 

But you know what hurt the most?
My thumb.
The sidewalk was uneven, and my palm landed on the top part and my thumb must have slide down the side. (?) Anyway. Somehow it just caused this blood blister to form on my hand. It kills. 
I guess I should be grateful I have a thumb and quit whining. 
But you're the one still reading, so I can whine away... bwah haha!

Anyway. It felt good to get up early and moving, 
but maybe I could have done without the whole tripping and falling part. 
Thank goodness it was still dark, and hopefully no one witnessed it. 


Aden and Jamie said...

I was just wondering if anyone saw you.... so maybe it was good that it was dark! Ouch that looks like it hurts so bad! I can't believe you kept running! I would have limped home. Good job for going out running. I was very determined to go this morning and woke up to find it snowing outside. No thank you.

Ali or Mike said...

OUCH!!! Glad your're running,

Karah said...

Way to go Liz! Hope you recover quickly :)

Deb said...

Ouch! Way to go out though! I can't believe you can do a 5K after four months of nothing, you are a tough girl.

Ash said...

Oh my gosh Liz! That looks way sore. The embarrassment of falling would've been enough to send me crying into the hills. Your a freaking trooper! That's awesome your back out running, guess it's time for me to drag by large butt off the couch and start getting in shape. Your my inspiration!:)

Ashley Bennion said...

Glad you are okay and way to go for running through the pain :)

Ashley said...

First of all... OUCH!! You poor thing! And second, you are so inspiring. I know I say it to you all the time, but you are. And your craft blog? So darling. Great job. You should open an Etsy shop. Your stuff is too too cute.

Momma Twitch said...

Way to keep going!!! Your owies look painful! I hope they get better quickly. :)

Gwendolyn said...

Well the warning about the gross pictures was what drew me in. :)
OUCH!! That blister makes MY thumb hurt so you can whine all you want. :)

Just the Seven of Us said...

Oh, NO!!!! I am so proud of you - and so sorry!

Tina said...

Owie! You are awesome! After not running for 4 months, that is a great run! And you didn't stop the whole time!?!? I commend you. On the other hand, I feel accomplished if I've run a mile without stopping. You are going to motivate me Liz!

Cami Bringhurst said...

Ouch! That looks SO painful! It's awesome that you were able to get up and keep going. That is what I call a trooper!
(PS thank you for all your trick ideas, they are awesome!)