Saturday, December 11, 2010

With two in tow.

I love Southwest. I really do. But I'm pretty sure that if I didn't have children, and if there competitors had a better rate I wouldn't fly with them. They are wonderful and are so family friendly. Let me check my carseats for free (as well as two bags a person), check my stroller at the gate and the flight attendants are usually very sweet and helpful. It is all of these wonderful qualities, that I love, that draw every other family in the world to be on the same flight together and cause for one long, scream filled flight that is rather exhausting. 

I was a little nervous to travel both ways to Utah by myself with the girls,  but I was so proud of how well they did.
Here's Sarah with the 'Blues Brothers'. 
Our first flight was in Chicago, it was a semi-short flight and the girls were very well behaved. Our layover was a little on the long side, but we met up with our friends who were also heading home to Utah, and the girls were able to run around a get a little energy out (Thanks Hayley). 

Things I need to remember about flying with children alone:
*Stand by nice people when going through security. We were quite the show... especially when we had to take off all of our shoes, use about five gazillion bins (drinks, laptops, bags, etc). Thanks random dude for helping shove all of our crap around (and for making Sarah laugh). 
*You can never have enough "surprises" for them to open (even if they are toys they've had for a while, just wrap them up and it is just as good as new)
*Bringing a little garbage sack for wrappers and suck from snacks is essential, as the flight attendants don't come by often enough to keep up with us. 
*Be positive, be positive, be positive. 
*Using backpacks as carry-ons was WONDERFUL!!!
(although, make sure that Sarah's back doesn't weigh more than she does)
*Bring THESE drinks again. No spill worries. 
(although I don't know why amazon listed them for so much, they were 5 bucks for a three pack at walmart)
*Get a good nights sleep (HA!) before the flight, and more importantly make sure the girls do (this one is harder for the trip home... the girls made quite the deficit in their sleep during our visit)
*Pray for no dirty diapers. I broke my vow last year to not use that tiny changing table in that itty-bitty bathroom. It is just miserable. 
*Having extra goodies and presents to share with neighbors is wonderful and very helpful to fellow mommies on the flight. 
*Bring Excedrin with you on the flight for unexpected Migraines. 
*The dollar store has a great little selection of board books... which everyone loved (especially our little friends we made)
*Flying tends to make for more frequent diapers... so pack plenty. Good thing I'm paranoid. 
*Laugh and be silly with your kids.
*Places that had great, cheap presents: Dollar Store (obviously), Target, Michael's (surprisingly), Joann's, Walmart, and McDonalds (Happy Meal toys rock!)

I'm sure that there are more things that I want to remember for next time, because I'm sure there will be a next time, but that is all I can think of right now. 

I'm glad that we were able to have two safe flights, that although they were exhausting, went way better than I expected. ;) Thank you girls for being so great on the flights!!!


Carolyn said...

All your suggestions are right on. Andrew and I have flown long distances just the two of us many, many times. One snack I like to bring is frozen go-gurt. It's a nice change from just crackers and such. It's not too messy, if I hold it for Andrew.

Carolyn said...

Great photo, by the way.

Deb said...

Great ideas! I had to use that scary changing table too when we flew to San Diego. June was terrified, it was bad. Flying is so hard with kids, I totally took it for granted when I didn't have any, and I can't imagine doing it alone with TWO kids like you did. You rock!

Ali or Mike said...

So glad your back!!! I bring my DVD player with me on flight to Utah, it's great!

Ash said...

I LOVE that pic of Sarah! I thought it was a professional print you pulled off the internet until I recognized that cute little face. Waay good pic! If I ever get lucky enough to travel with the boys I'll hit you up for advice since your becoming a pro at it:)

Brittany said...

Wow, just reading it sound exhausting! But you make some awesome points. Especially to stay positive all the time. And doing it all by yourself, what an awesome mom you are! I am going to remember this post and refer to it when we are preparing for our first flight! :)

Melissa said...

Hilarious and a bit scary all at the same time...oh what I have to look forawrd to flying with El. The changing table in the ity bity bathroom being the most scary I think. Glad you survived your flights...made it here (it was GREAT to see you) and made it back safely :-)Until your next flying extravaganza...

Tina said...

Thanks for the tips! We haven't made any flights with the kids, but my time is coming, very soon. And most likely frequently with 2 in tow solo!

Tina said...

I know I have already commented, but just wanted to thank you AGAIN for posting this! I'm getting all prepped for our departure in three weeks, and was glad I could look back at this post and get great tips!