Sunday, December 26, 2010

At G'ma Lisa's

Yes... I'm still catching up. I have some cute things to post about, and I won't let myself until I'm all caught up. So here is a little more from our Trip to Utah. 

December 26th

Ryan's mom has the best collection of toys! She kept EVERYTHING that her kids played with. So every time we head over to G'ma Lisa's house we always get to play with some new toy.

Like the Alligator Dentist. 
Abby was so funny, she would hold the alligators mouth so that when she pushed the tooth that would make his mouth shut it wouldn't squish her hand.

G'ma Lisa sure is funny too! 
 Somewhere there is a picture of Sarah about Abby's age wearing these same glasses. 
I think it may be on G'ma Lisa's camera. 

Playing with more toys on the kitchen floor. 

Even though we love to play with toys and games, Grandpa discovered a new way to their hearts. 

Thanks for having so much fun with us G'ma Lisa & G'pa Mark!
We love you!