Friday, December 17, 2010

Goeckeritz Luncheon

My cute Cousin Tasha decided it would be fun to get all of the girls together for a little luncheon during Christmas. I'm so glad she suggested it, because it was so nice to see some of my sweet cousins. Although there were only a few of us there, it was so enjoyable. I loved it. 

Abby actually had her nap right during it (perfect for me being able to sit and visit). 
Here is a cute picture I snapped before she went down. I love her little piggie-tails. 

Sarah had so much fun meeting and getting to know some of her second cousins. 
Here she is playing with Sweet Hannah. 
 Sarah ADORED her, and was her little shadow. I wish I would have sat and listen to their pretend play,  I did catch little snippets, and they were pretty adorable. 

Here is my mom with her two Sister in Laws, Karen(left), Mom,  Jeannine(right). 
We sure love these two!
Can I just say that I have THE best mom! My mom is so sweet. She is the all time BEST hostess. I really need to take some notes from her. She graciously offered to host it at her house, made everything look lovely and even bought little bottles of the most delicious smelling gingersnap lotion for everyone to take home. 
Thanks mom. I love you so much! 

Here I am with my awesome cousins. 
(Left to Right: Tasha, Taryn, Keisha, Candy, Me, Erin, Kim)
I'm so glad I got to hang out and chat with such wonderful company! I'm so glad you ladies came. Hopefully we can do it again next year, and maybe have more people join in on the fun. 
Love you!


Deb said...

That looks fun! Sorry I flaked out on that one. Next year! Thanks for posting their names. :)

Jennifer said...

What a wonderful time. Cousins are the best!
And I agree that you DO have the best mom! Every time I have met her she has been so welcoming and treats me like she has known me forever.
Wonderful lady.

Brooke said...

Whoa, you've had quite the blog-a-thon! Way to go with the chronicling of all the fun stuff you did . . . I just pressed all my Christmas stuff into one big super-post and called it Done.

And yeah, sorry I had to miss the cousin luncheon. My kids are already missing Sarah & Abby. Mom, Dad, and Alex came to visit us yesterday afternoon and couldn't understand why Sarah wasn't coming, too. :-( You need to visit more often!!

Ash said...

That pic of your mom with her sis in laws is really great! The colors are perfect! Sorry I gush about your photos so much. I really like them:)
You were one busy girl while you were here! Thanks for working in two nights to spend with us:)