Thursday, December 16, 2010

Aunt Rachee's Solo

We were lucky enough to catch one of my sister-in-laws performances... and even on a night where she had the SOLO!!! 
(Although, we at the last minute decided to leave Abby at G'ma Newey's house and put her to bed, so we were a bit late, but we didn't miss the solo!)

Sarah was so excited to see her Aunt Rachee up on stage. 
 We were so proud of you Rach. You stood up there so confidently, and waited patiently for the music to begin (it was the large combined number at the end, so there were a lot of kids to get set up on the stage). I was very impressed with how clear and strong you sang. Way to go Rach!

Sarah told me she wants to sing and dance just like Rachee!

I snapped this super cute picture of Grandma with her girls. 
Love it!

Little Miss Hallie has to be one of the cutest nieces on the planet. 
She adored Sarah and always wanted to be around her. I loved the big squeezes she would give to Sarah. Too cute! 
It was a very fun night, and ending it at DQ's was just a bonus. ;)
Thanks for giving us an excuse to get together Rach, and great job!