Friday, December 24, 2010

S.O. L.A.M.E.

So we thought we were in the clear of this little bug.

No such luck.

Sarah has been sick pretty much every other day since Monday. Poor kiddo.

Last night it started all over again for Sarah... plus Abby joined in on the fun. Yeah!
Simultaneous! double yeah...

Luckily I was still up working on some projects... so I was able to hand Sarah the garbage can (which saved me from stripping her bedding down in the middle of the night and search for more blankets. Abby, unfortunately made a mess, but at least it was contained in the pack n' play. yuck

I spent the night sleeping on the floor in their room... we didn't have any more mishaps... but every time they would move in their sleep it would wake me up. I'm. Tired.

And still have projects to finish.

Isn't life with kids fun?!!!


Deb said...

That SUCKS! I'm way way sad you won't be there tonight! I'm worried about June, she won't eat anything and is really fussy and has the squirts. I really hope she doesn't puke, that's the worst! (I'm not blaming you or trying to make you feel bad, I'm just commiserating.) Anyway, hope you still have a fun Christmas and the feel better by tomorrow.

Ash said...

Merry crappy Christmas:( I"m sorry Liz, theres nothing worse then being sick on Christmas. Especially for a week straight. I use to get bad staff infections in my throat every year and couldn't swallow, then on Christmas Eve my Aunt Robin would show up with a jar of pickles and I'd eat half the jar. Christmas morning I'd wake up and my sore throat was gone! Happened 3 years in a row. Since that day I swear by pickles. Try that on the girls! Haha it'll be great fun cleaning that mess when it all comes back up.
Hope they have a miraculous
recovery today:)
Woa sorry for the novel.