Monday, December 27, 2010

Lights on Temple Square

December 28th

We went with the Stephenson's to see the lights on Temple Square. 
It was really fun, except for the fact that we got there REALLY late and it was extremely COLD!
It was the first time the girls had seen them and they loved it.  

Here's our little posse.

The main attraction.

Sarah was such a lil' turkey. She whined her way into getting G'ma Lisa to carry her.
(Hope your arms have recovered Lisa)

We stopped in the Joseph Smith Memorial building for a little bit (it was the only place still open with a restroom).
It was so nice and warm in there. 

It was a beautiful night with fun company. 
Lets do it again next year... and maybe go a little earlier in the night... and on a warmer night. 


McReynolds Family said...

That looked fun! Maybe next year we could tag along, if you don't mind. The boys have never seen Temple Square at Christmas.

nlybbs said...

So beautiful! Definitely one of the things we miss the most being out of state. You got some gorgeous Christmas light bokeh behind Abby in that last set! Love it! Now share some tips!!

Liz said...

@Melissa - That would be so fun. Lets do it!

@Natalie - Definitely have to attribute that shot to my new lens that I got for Christmas (50mm/1.8). Love it!
You're taking some pretty amazing pictures too!