Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Aurich Christmas Par-tay

Every year we attend the Aurich Family Christmas Party (Ry's Grandparents)
It is a blast, this family rocks and is always good for a laugh or two. 

One of the things that I love the most about this family is that they will instantly love you. I remember the first time going over to there house and Ryan's Grandma & Grandpa instantly threw there arms around me and treated me as if I'd always been in the family. Love them so much.

Anyway, on to the festivities. 

We had a special visit from "Skinny Santa" (aka Dillan)
He brought a little gift for all of the kids (and a nice gift for the couples too!)

You had to sit on his lap to get your gift. 

I made Ryan do it so I wouldn't squish Skinny Santa.

Then all of the little kids got to open their presents from Grandma Sandy & Grandpa Jerry.
Abby got this adorable laugh and learn purse. We love it!

Sarah got a glow station. It is pretty cool. 
We just made a space to hang it up in her closet so she can close the door part way and play with it more... it does work in the daylight, just not as well. 

We ate, had fun laughing and chatting and made sure to have lots of fun wrestling and running around. 
Here Sarah is playing with G'pa Mark.

Were you curious why there is a blue tarp on the floor?
Well this isn't your average family Christmas party. The gift exchanges at this party are pretty entertaining to watch. Why?
Because the presents are "Boobie-Trapped" - usually involving rolls of duct tape and something goopy.

This year, we let the kiddos do the hard core boobie-trapping and the adults took it easier and did gag gifts. 

My favorite was what Ryan's brother and wife did. 
Jord & Em... you are geniuses!
They drew Aunt Amy's name and made her do various things to earn her gift. 
(doing a 30 second dance, singing one verse of a song, etc.) 
The last task had us all rolling on the floor laughing. They asked for two volunteers to help out. Immediately Amy's siblings Adam and Logan jumped up to participate. 

They had a head-bobbling-athon. 
That's right... you read that correctly. 
Each competitor tied a pedometer to their forehead and then had to bobble it in any way they wanted for a minute to see who could get the most bobbles. 
In order for Amy to win her gift she had to finish in the top two. 
Funniest. Minute. Ever.
Hahaha... oh, I love this family!

As for our gift, we got a picture that we will hold dear and treasure forever. 
It is even valuable as it is autographed by the artist. 
"Adam Gaga"
Fits in perfectly with our mantel display, don't you think?

Thanks for such a fun party G'ma Sandy & G'pa Jerry. 
We love you guys so much!


Brooke said...

The Adam Gaga picture ROCKS.

Ash said...

What an awesome family! You fit right in with them Liz:)I'm loving all these posts your doing. Gives me reading material for my mornings. The Grand America Tea party looked way fun. I wanna go to tea with all the ladies one day. :) Sorry you guys got so sick while you were here. Christmas is the worst time to get down.

McReynolds Family said...

I love the pictures! Especially of Lisa sitting on Santa's lap!