Friday, December 10, 2010

Early Stop from Santa

After Santa received Sarah's letter, he could tell Sarah was nervous about him knowing where she'd be on Christmas day... so he decided to stop by early. 

We even did our Christmas Box tradition. 

 This box is only allowed to breath the air of Christmas Eve/Day. 
(Or pseudo air)
 Inside it is filled with letters and trinkets from previous years. 
 It is really fun to go through the old stuff (even when we have only acquired a few years worth). 

 We then light some candles on our plate and read the Christmas story from the Scriptures by candlelight. 

After we were done with our Christmas Box we gave the girls their "Christmas Eve" present (Jammies).  

They were so excited that their would be presents under the tree in the morning. 

Sarah left some milk and, chocolate covered pretzel sticks... for Santa.  

Ryan and I were up really late and wanted to sleep in, as much as you can with little ones. 
I woke up to the noise of Sarah talking about a Toy Story figure that was wrapped. At first I was a little upset that I didn't get before pictures and the surprise pictures of Sarah discovering her Christmas. But Ryan gently reminded me that she didn't know any better and that it was "Christmas."

I did however reenact our traditional photo on the stairs. 
 Abby, that little turkey wouldn't hold still and kept sliding down one step after the other. 

Santa brought Abby a Music Box and some jewelery. 

He brought Sarah her Car that she requested. 

He also brought some felt food for them to share. 
 Santa had lots of fun making it!
Abby thought it was good enough to eat. 

It was a fun Christmas, and made us really excited to see our Family and celebrate it all over again. 
Can't wait to see everyone!!!!

Merry Christmas


Momma Twitch said...

I just love your traditions!! And that felt You made those right? Amazing job. They look awesome.

Deb said...

You made that felt food?! Holy crap Liz. You need to start an Etsy shop, you'd make a billion bucks. Looks like a wonderful Christmas! I am SO excited to celebrate Christmas with you guys soon!

Ashley said...

Liz, I LOVE these beautiful traditions. Your box is such a great idea. Are you heading to Utah? Is that why you did your Christmas already? Have fun!! I can't wait till we get to go!
P.S. Your felt food was so darling!!!

Brooke said...

"Santa" is really good at making felt food. It's funny -- I had been thinking about buying a set of felt food for your kids! Good thing I didn't!

Kaydee said...

So fun and I love the christmas box idea I have never heard of that. So are you heading to Utah...if so could be get together for the SBO thing earlier? I just never heard if we finalized. Also...i agree you should sell the felt food...awesome! and I need your new address!

Aden and Jamie said...

Cute little jammies! So made all that felt fruit? It is so darling! Did you have a pattern or did you just create them yourself?

Gwendolyn said...

I agree with Deb, you should totally start an etsy shop. That "food" is amazing! Glad you guys had a good early Christmas. :)

Carolanne said...

Santa made those? They look awesome. Could Santa tell me where to find the pattern?