Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mickey-D's with G'ma Lisa

My mother in law was so sweet. She schedule he entire day off of work to drive around with me picking out gifts for the girls. It was so fun to get to spend time with just her and the girls. 
Thanks Lisa for letting us use up one of your precious days off. We loved it!

We stopped at a McDonald's to let the girls run around (although Abby didn't want to leave G'ma's side). 
 I'm so bad about making sure I have a really cute picture of everyone. 
G'ma Lisa looks great, and well, everyone is looking in the same direction. 

 This little girl is becoming quite the Cheeseburger monster. 
I think she got her year supply of them while we were in Utah. 
Also, I told Sarah we were spending the day with G'ma Lisa in their bath that morning, and she requested "G'ma Lisa Hair" when I was getting her ready. Whenever Sarah wears her hair down, she calls it her G'ma Lisa hair, because it is beautiful just like hers. 

Abby had so much fun, she didn't even want to go play on the toys, just with G'ma.
She loved trying on her new watch. 
 And G'ma Lisa actually let Abby touch her phone and play with it (something mom & dad never do). 
What a treat!

It was such a fun day! Hope we get to have many more of those days soon. 
Love you Lisa. 


Jennifer said...

Abby's smiles are SO great! And I love Sarah's G'ma Lisa hair!

Annie Goodwin said...

Your mother-in-law looks more like a sister-in-law!!!! How fun!