Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Okay... so I couldn't wait to post these other ones. I was looking through them all before I turned on my music and got to work and thought, hmm, I guess I could post all of these with out editing tweaking them. 
So, I did. Enjoy!

 This is usually what Abby does as soon as the camera comes out. 
Its like Pavlov's dog... she sees the camera and starts to cry. 

 I just think this is a silly picture of my silly girls. 

 My toothy little monster.

 Okay can you tell I just adore these blue eyes! Can't take enough pictures of them!

 They look pretty good in brown too!

I'm so bummed this picture is blurry. I love the little look on Sarah's face... we'll just pretend we're going for that soft focus look. ;)


Ash said...

Sooo cute Liz! I love the Santa hat pic too and that's awesome how blue her eyes turned out in the bottom pic. Way cute!

Carolanne said...

I just posted bath pictures of my babies too. There is something about water and adorable kids that demands a photo session! My point and shoot doesn't give me the depth and detail that your pictures have, but they're still worth taking just to document the moment. Your girls are adorable!