Thursday, December 16, 2010


Sarah has really gotten into horses lately. It seems like the toys that she has fallen in love with the most, and for the longest amount of time has been horse related. It seems everyday I'm asked to help her find her horsey, or to check out some fun thing her horsey is doing. She wants a big horsey like her cousin Hallie for her Birthday. I'm so excited to give it to her. 

During Christmas time she was in love with this old school fisher price ride on horsey. 
Which is fun because my mom said that I LOVE it to pieces when I was little. 
It isn't anything special. It doesn't make noise, do cool tricks or anything. 
But it will let your ride on its back, take it for walks, hold your toys under it and it will even keep you company while watching the Polar Express. 

Good times. Precious memories. 

PS - check out Abby zonked on the couch behind Sarah. We had a lot of fun on that trip!