Friday, December 10, 2010


You know, blankie's are a very special thing in our family. I grew up with a special blankie (still have it actually... and no, I don't sleep with it anymore).

Sarah has her white silky blankie... yes, that was white. As in, shows every speck of dirt and no matter how many times I've bleached the sad little thing... it still is a sort of greyish color. Sarah doesn't do this as much anymore, but when she was younger she would weave the blanket through her fingers over and over again until she found just the right hold. 

Abby has a blankie too. She also fell in love with a white blankie (heaven help me), hers is a soft fleecy one that also loves to attract every strand of hair on the face of the planet! Although I have been able to make some smaller blankets (that aren't white) for taking out and about with us. That has been very helpful. 

Anyway, when Abby is soothing herself to sleep, she will wad up a corner of her blanket and rub it under her little nose. Sometimes she'll rub it on her feet, but now that it is colder, and she is usually sleeping in footed jammies, she just rubs under her nose. I love it. I love the dreamy look in her eyes and she prepares to drift off to sleep.  
Oh, I love it. One day she is going to stop and I know I'm going to miss this so much. 

I love you Abby girl. Will you just stay my little baby forever?


Camille said...

My kids have blankies fact Addison has the same one as Abby. :) It's kind of sad that they grow out of using it though, I loved that if I even just put the blanket near them their eyes would get heavy. :)

Jennifer said...

You got me with this one Liz!! These moments are so precious and yes they do fade, far too quickly!

Brittany said...

Ashlyn has that same blanket! I love Abby's sparkling blue eyes! My kids both got attached to 2 stuffed animals that we can't find anywhere! Of course they have to love the ones that you can't find a double of for wash days or in case heaven forbid it gets lost!