Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sewing Machine

So, some of you already know that I am looking to purchase a sewing machine. I have been looking on Craig's List and freecycle for a while, but haven't had any luck finding one. (Well, I've missed out on a couple of them now). I've been debating whether to use my birthday money for a food processor or a sewing machine and I think I am going to go with a sewing machine.

The only problem is I have no idea what to get. Any suggestions? A few people on facebook mentioned the Brother machines are good. I was looking at this one. Anyone have one? My mom has only had Bernina's and that is all I have ever really sewn on (accept for the ones in Jr. High). Let me know if you have any good recommendations (I'm looking in the lower price range, like under $150).

Here is the info on the sewing machine that I am really considering. But I don't know if it is too much for a beginning sewer. I want something that I can grow into, and not be wanting a new one in a year or so because I want to do more complex things. But I also don't want one that is over my head. Let me know what you think!

PS - Do any of you know a great place to purchase cute but cheap fabric? Perhaps online?


Gwendolyn said...

Here's a website for cute fabric: