Friday, September 18, 2009

Bubble Teeter-Totter

Sarah and Kylee

Cody and Sarah

You can really see the bubbles in this one.

Okay, now for a really EMBARRASSING story.

On Thursday my friend Tiffany had me and another girl, Lindsey over for dinner (this is going to be a weekly occurrence for us). Well after dinner Lindsey went home and I hung out for awhile so Tif and I could chat and Sarah could play.
Well it was getting late and I felt like I needed to head home, but being the yacker that I am I wouldn't keep quiet and kept talking and talking and talking and...oh sorry. Anyway, we heard the kids playing in the sink and I thought

"Oh no, Sarah gets water everywhere when she plays in the sink!"

I rushed up the stairs to find Cody and Sarah "washing" their hands. As I walked up to Sarah her hands were covered in white, I was impressed that she had lathered up her hands so well. Then I realized that it wasn't soap but Desitin! Sarah and Cody got it out and smeared it EVERYWHERE!!! I was mortified. Sarah has never done anything like that at home and what timing to do it at our new friend's house. Arrgh!

It's a little funny now, but I still couldn't believe it happened. Next time I will make sure to pay attention to my feelings and stop yacking!


hotbutteredpopcorn said...

You are now an official member of the humble mom club!