Monday, September 21, 2009

The Lynx - Roar!

I finally got a SEWING MACHINE!!! Yay!

I found it on... of course you guessed, Craig's List. Some lady bought it for Christmas last year and never uses so I bought it from her for super cheap
(well, not as good of a steal as Deb, but it was more than half of what the lady paid for it).

As for now, I decided to call her Lynx. I may come up with something better in the future but the model number starts with LX and everytime I look at it Lynx pops in my head. So now she is my little Lynxie Lou! ;)
(by the way, why are all inanimate objects girls? I don't know)

I think it is ironic that September just happens to be National Sewing month and a couple of my friends are all jumping on the sewing band wagon. It sure is fun though. Although, you won't see any projects from me until I create my first. It will be a cover for my machine. I figured if I make my first project a gift for Lynxie, then maybe she will be nice and love me back (and not give me any problems). So stay tuned, it may be about a week or so, I ordered some super cute fabric online and am waiting for it to arrive.

Speaking of fabric. I just got two bags full of some awesome upholstery fabric. Some old lady, who can't see well enough to sew any more, posted it on freecycle and I kindly took it off of her hands, for free of course. I am very grateful because upholstery fabric is expensive, but it is what you want for most decor projects, which I plan on doing quite a few. So stayed tuned!


Erin @ Thimble Ambitions said...

I am excited for your sewing adventures - I just bought fabric for an uber cute quilt - now to find the time :)
I can't believe how fast your baby is growing - I think she is my Gracie's age but Grace has learned to stop growing and is still just a precious itty bitty newborn *snort* I wish! They grow up waaaaaay to fast.

Deb said...

Nice! That looks like a great machine. Have fun!

hotbutteredpopcorn said...

That machine looks beautiful! Hope you get sewing on all kinds of projects.