Monday, September 21, 2009

Once Upon a Dream

Okay, so I have the most AWESOME sister in the world.

The sister who calls me almost everyday just to make sure I haven't gone stir crazy yet, yes the same sister who coordinated my family to all pitch in to get us the membership to the children's museum, yes, the same sister who made the stickers a month club for Sarah and Abby, and the same sister who created a blog just for me called "What to do in Pittsburgh"

Yes, this same AMAZING sister of mine sent us a little package today, for no reason at all. She sent us the Disney Princess COMPLETE Collection of Music.

So pretty much any song song by a girl in a Disney movie is in this book! Wahoo! Ryan has been playing the songs for us, while Sarah and I sing and dance around the room. It is so much fun. Oh, and Abby rocks out by bouncing in her bouncer. Rock on lil' Abby! So, I thought it was worthy of a post, just to Thank the awesomeness called: Brooke, my sis!

Here is a little clip of all of us Singing "Once Upon a Dream" the song sung while Sarah is doing pretty much anything and also the most frequently requested song at bedtime. Enjoy!

PS - and for the record I also have been blessed with AMAZING sister-in-laws who I admire and look up to a lot! Love you all!


Jennifer said...

What a wonderful family moment! Love it! Thank you for sharing.

Livia said...

this is beyond all cuteness. I love it. And Liz, you are amazing! you only blog once or twice a week! I'm going on twice a year. I take way too long to upload pics. :)

Brooke said...

You're welcome, Miss Sarah! And can I say how impressed I am at Ryan's ability to play the piano with Sarah's hands underneath his? That boy's got chops.

Michelle said...

I can't think of the right words to express how much I enjoyed watching that little clip :) I love you guys :)

Ashley said...


Oh my goodness. So, I saw your blog posted on FB and I had to check it out. This is so darling. I could watch it over and over again. Your little Sarah is such a doll. And I loved hearing your beautiful voice again too! What a beautiful family you have!! I am so glad I can keep in touch with you through your blog!!