Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Hey, Guess What?"


So ever since Ryan and I have been married we have said this to each other. In fact we often try to say "guess what" in a nonchalant way so that the other person won't be expecting the "I love you" response. I guess its our little game we play. Well, Sarah picked up on our little game because she will do this to Ryan and I now. I love it because she will ask me, "Guess what?" and then she does her big squinty-eyes smile and says, "I love you!" It is adorable.

Also, today while we were getting ready to run some errands I sat Abby and her carseat on the kitchen table along with my cell phone and keys. I stepped into the kitchen to get Sarah a drink for the car ride when I heard this Dialog:

"Hi, Abby-Abgail"
"You want to call Maga?"
"Say hi Abby"
"Say hi to Maga"
"Say I love you"
"Say Buh-Bye"
"Blow kisses"
"Okay? Okay."

She is such a sweet big sister.


Deb said...

Cute...but who's Maga?

Ash said...

Ahhh she is a sweet big sis. Hey Abby's hair is looking red, is she gonna be a red head too? Maybe it's something with the name June

Melissa Carlson said...

Abby's hair looks red in this picture! Is it really turning red or is it just the picture? What cute girls you have! Hey did you know Josh McBride is in Pittsburg going to medical school too?

hotbutteredpopcorn said...

My goodness, but her hair looks so red! She looks like a little pixie, just adorable.

The Stevie Times said...

Deb: "Maga" is how Sarah says Grandma.

And well, now that everyone mentioned it, her hair does look reddish in the picture. But I don't think it is growing in red. It definitely looks blonde down at the roots. But we'll see if I eat my words later on. Thanks for commenting everyone!

Moo: And yes, I do know Jash is here. Once school settles down Ryan and I are planning on having them over to dinner. :) Fun times!