Thursday, September 24, 2009

For Lynxie-Lou

YAY! I completed my first project with Lynx! It is no where near perfect, but that is okay, it is my first project in a LONG time. I made up the pattern myself, which I think is why it took me so long to complete. Then, I had a "brilliant" idea to put pleats at the top to compensate for my machine getting narrower at the top. That was a mistake for an amateur seamstress! I had a heck of a time making the boxy top (which is hard without having to deal with pleats).

This was the first time I made those little white flowers (fabric yo-yo's). It was a fun technique and surprisingly very easy. Another idea that wasn't the greatest was stitching on the ribbon with a contrasting color. The idea is cute, but I should have bought ribbon with the machine stitching on it and then sewed the ribbon onto my project with a unnoticeable color. Instead I sewed the contrasting color myself and you can see how all over the place my stitches are.
Oh well, adds character, right?

(I may add some interfacing to stiffen it up)

In this photo you can see the ridiculous pleats I put in.

The Fabric Yo-Yo's
(Don't look too close, you'll see all my mistakes!)

Well I think it is cute, the pictures (as usual) don't do it justice. Maybe I can one day purchase a nice SLR camera that will really show off my future projects. But for now this will have to do. Oh, and the fabric is courtesy of Freecycle! I was going to wait for some really cute fabric that I ordered online, but I have been chomping at the bit to start sewing so I decided to just go ahead and use this fabric. It is cute, and I love the red, white and black combo.
Let me know what you think.


Ashley said...

How creative are you?? This is so cute! Great job. Ileft another comment below... just so you know.

Deb said...

Wow, that looks great! Good job, especially for being your first project. Cant wait to see more stuff!

hotbutteredpopcorn said...

That is adorable. I love the flowers and the colors are great. Good job on the pleats, I think it will really fit the machine well.

Brooke said...

I've been sewing for years, and truthfully this machine cover of yours looks 2x cuter than ANYTHING I have EVER done. The yo-yos are adorable!

Gwendolyn said...

Liz!! That's awesome, I love it! I even like the material. And the yo-yo's are adorable! I need me one of those. Good job!

The Stephenson's said...

You inspired me... yesterday after about a 10 or 15 year break I sewed something! I made a car seat tent for the new baby. It isn't perfect but I was excited with how it turned out. I really wanted one and had it not been for our conversation I probably would have gone without or paid too much for one. Thanks Lizzy Lou!