Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Naptime Rebellion!

Okay so I have been trying to be really good at getting Sarah on a good routine. Since we moved here Sarah has been waking up earlier (which is weird, because if she was still waking up Utah time, she'd be waking up later) and going to bed later (about the same time in Utah). So since she wakes up around seven in the morning, I've been trying to get her down for a nap between noon and one o'clock and then to bed around seven-thiry or eight-ish. Well today we got home from play group. Ate a HUGE lunch and then I did our nap routine and put her to bed. Well I heard her moving around in her room for about a half and hour and decided to check on her.

She was being oh so cute playing chef, but was not sleeping! She needed a diaper change (yes, we are not potty trained yet...sigh) and after that she still was not going to sleep. Sometime between three and three-thirty I finally stopped hearing movement. After her nap I went in to check on her and this is how I found her.

Reading on her bed. Who knows if she even got a nap or if she just layed in her bed with books. Should I be mad that she was happily reading books in her bed? *sigh* Hopefully this isn't the end of naptimes, I still really them.

This is how I found Abby after her nap! All cute and smiley!

These last two aren't the best of pictures, but I wanted to show everyone how blue Abby's eyes still are. I am crossing my fingers! Sometimes they almost look like a lavender color.

Hopefully Abby isn't blind from her photo shoot! I took way too many pictures.


Deb said...

So cute! I LOVE nap time, especially when I get to take a nap too. I dont know how moms do it when their kids dont nap anymore...

Amber, Scott & Hunter said...

Even if Sarah doesn't take a nap, make sure she has "quiet time" in her room so either way you still get a break. I have to do that with Hunter when he doesn't nap. Good luck!

McReynolds Family said...

Sam has stopped taking naps so I have to do quiet time instead. Dylan still takes a nap everyday, but I have to time it just right or he will never go down. Naptime is a toughy!

Gwendolyn said...

I'm impressed she stayed in her room that long! I'd say that's a start. It's hard to know when kids don't really need naps anymore but quiet time is definitely a good idea (for her and YOU).
Abby is adorable. I LIKE that last picture- so cute.

Brooke said...

Jeffrey quit taking naps right after he turned 2 -- he'd just sit in his crib and scream for 45 minutes straight. And he really, really needed the naps, too; otherwise, he'd have a meltdown around 4 p.m. The ONLY way I was able to get him to nap was to drive him around in the car until he snoozed, then parked the car in the connected garage with a baby monitor plugged in nearby.

Jeffrey continued to sleep in the garage until he was well past age 4. It was the Only. Way. To. Stay. Sane.