Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sarah Speech

Sarah has been saying so many adorable things so I decided to sit down and type up all of the ones I could think of, off of the top of my head. Enjoy!

"Take-a my picture mon-ny! Taka my picture please."
(Mommy is pronouces like - Mon-ny, an"N" for the middle /m/ sound)

(So here is me taking a picture of us)

Mom: "Sarah~ time for a bath"
Sarah: "No, I too big for bath"

*Abby sneezes* - "Bless you Abby-gail!"

"Mommy, you sleep good? Yeah?"

"Nigh-night mon-ny" *kisses my forhead*

*brings me the kitty* "She's nice, she's nice mon-ny" *I take the kitty and set her down so she can run away, Sarah chases her and brings her back* "Look mon-ny, she's nice!" (repeated a hundred times)

"Hi Abby, Abby-gail"

Wandering around the house singing songs (like "I am a Child of God," "I know you" (from sleeping beauty), and "The Wheels on the Bus").

(Anything with a slightly sad face) "Awe, she's sad. Look mon-ny, she's sad." Sarah then makes a sympathetic sad face (and makes sure that I see it).

"Happy day Mon-ny. You old. (I think Ryan told her that) Wanna sing Happy Cake? Okay!"
(On my birthday of course)

*Sarah saying a prayer all by herself...she's getting so big!*

Sarah: "I wanna drink"
Mom: "You want a drink?
Sarah: "No! I wanna a drink!"
(Um, isn't that what I said?)

"Say hi to Maga? Maga Lisa? Yeah?" (Nodding her head convincingly)

"Wimmy, where are you? Hmmm...where's Wimmy?" (She does this with Eleanor and Jeffrey too!)

"Nigh-night Baby, you sleep good. See you in the morning" *Tucking her baby doll into bed, putting a blankie on her and then kissing her hand and patting the baby's head*

"Clean up, time to clean up" *then starts singing the Clean up know, everybody everywhere...*

"Mon-ny, I wanna snuggle, you want to snuggle? Okay"

"Tickle me Mon-ny, tickle me!"

"Mon-ny, I'm princess Aurora!" *spining around the house with a little tiara on*

(Here is Sarah pretending to be Princess Aurora, I had to have her sit down to get her to focus and actually look at the camera, still not the best picture, but I'll take it!)

"I don't know where it is?" (She says this when I ask her to get anything) *gasp* "There it is! Look mon-ny, here it is!"

"Hi sweetie! You sleep good? Okay. Hi, Abby-Abby-gail" (when Sarah wakes up I am usally in feeding Abby and this is usually what she says to Abby every morning)

When I ask Sarah to do something her latest response is: "I can't! I can't mon-ny" Then she pulls a half smile (that I have yet to catch on camera) that she picked up from her new friend Cody (the smile, not the refusal to do things, Cody is a very well behaved boy).

"So funny mon-ny, its so funny!" *while doing a fake laugh and covering her mouth*

I know there are lots more phrases that she says all the time, but of course when I go to type them up I can't remember. There may be a sequal to the Sarah Speech in the future. Hopefully it isn't to boring. Its really cute to me, because I can hear how she says it in my head.


Mellie said...

Hi Liz! Sarah is so cute! I wish I would have written down all of the cute little things that Logan said at that age. I love your posts!

Deb said...

So cute! I love that she calls her sis Abby-gail. Adorable.

Gwendolyn said...

That's great you sat down and wrote them all down. I wish I would've done that- kids say the funniest things. Sarah is adorable. We miss you guys!!

The Stephenson's said...

SO CUTE! She gets better and better at talking all the time. I'm not surprised at how fast Abby is growing and changing but I am surprised at how much Sarah has already changed since you moved. It was so fun to talk to you guys on Sunday! I am so excited for Christmas!