Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bearable Weather

**I moved the music player to the left side so it is easier to turn it off to hear the videos**

Happy Birthday Mom and Alex! I love you!

Thanks to Hurricane Alex, we've had a slight drop in temperatures the past couple of days. It has been so nice (sorry for those getting the nasty stuff in Mexico and Texas) and I have really loved not being forced to turn on the air conditioners (I'm cheap... and it gets expensive). So yesterday afternoon, when I felt a little stir crazy, and Abby had already had her long nap we headed out to play in our backyard, er, driveway? Anyway... Sarah just runs around like mad when we go in the back, she runs up and down our little {steep} driveway and Abby usually is on Mama's hip or sitting in the grass. 

Well not today! That little stinker decided it would be fun to run away from mommy every time she put her down.

Here is a little clip of her running away. 
You can barely hear it, but she was just giggling and loving being so sneaky
(just ignore the annoying mommy talk). 

Sarah unfortunately took a little tumble up the driveway... she was a trooper though. I barely had snapped to shots (terrible for not instantly running up after her... I know) and she was already saying "I'm okay." She has really gotten good about toning down the drama from injuries... sort of. 

It was band-aid worthy... but Sarah is weird... when there is actually blood to put a band-aid on... she doesn't want one, and she cries and throws a big fit about it... until its on, then she's fine.

We weren't out for long, but it was a fun to soak up some sun while the weather wasn't killer. 

I guess Sarah really exhausted herself because when we were eating dinner...
she crashed! All tuckered out. It was awesome though. She fell asleep at about 6pm and slept through the night... awesome! She did get up a little early, but not too much earlier than usual. 

So Abby and I had some fun coloring before she went to bed. 

Its kind of boring.
But I know the grandmas will enjoy it, regardless of how boring and slow it is.

Well that was our day!

OH! And my mom flies in in NINE days! I am so excited. Can't wait, can't wait, CAN'T WAIT!!!


Deb said...

So cute! Abby is getting so good at walking and coloring! June just eats the crayons...guess I should have her practice more if I want her to be a great artist.

Oh and how do you pause/mute the music on your blog? I can never find it and can't hear your videos. I'm dumb.

Deb said...

Nevermind...found it.

McReynolds Family said...

Liz, the pictures are stunning! You are a very talented photographer! I can't believe Abby is walking! Happy Birthday, Little Abby, on Monday!

Ash said...

Liz! I'm LOVING the pictures! Your getting so good! Tell me again which camera you ended up getting and what lens your using. Abby and Sarah are sooo freaking adorable!!!

mom said...

Those were the best birthday present ever. And we can't believe that Abby was not eating the crayons, only coloring and then putting them in the little holder. Genius---naturally for our grandchildren!

Jamie Hirtle said...

You took an awesome pic of Sarah looking at her scraped arm. It could be an advertisement for band-aids or neosporin or something!

Brooke said...

William is the opposite of Sarah. Whenever he gets a bump, no matter how tiny it is, he always insists that the only way he'll feel better is with a Band-Aid.

This only becomes a problem when Eleanor decides to "help" him, and ends up putting multiple Band-Aids wherever he wants -- usually on his hair! Owwwww!