Thursday, July 29, 2010

Zoo with friends

Some awesome ladies from church decided to hit up the zoo this afternoon. It was a little on the hot side, but really not as bad as it has been (although I did keep a rag handy to wipe the "glistening" from my forehead...*sigh* embarrassing), so we jumped on the opportunity!

Sarah was bouncing off the walls with excitement to be out of the house
 and playing with friends! (BONUS!)
My poor child, cursed with her hermit of a mother. 

Anyway... here are some pictures of the fun day. I started out doing great with taking pictures... but then I got tired and slacked off... which I am bummed because I never got a shot of us moms, the whole gang or of an another cute baby that was there. Darn it! 
Next time...

Climbing... there was plenty of this going on. 

Playing on the Panther... and feeding it leaves? Random.

Poor Mr. J... I'm not sure how long his hand (or arm in this shot) will take to recover from all the excessive hand-holding it received from Miss Sarah today. It was pretty cute though. 

It was kind of funny how much Sarah was wanting to hold everyone's hands. Sarah has never really been into hand holding until today... go figure. She would ask the other moms there to hold her hand and at one point the group had gotten a head of us and Sarah ran up to some random boy thinking it was one of the gang and tried to hold his hand. 
She surprised him and they ended up toppling over one another... 
it was pretty hard not to chuckle about it. 

The Elephants walked right over towards us and started spraying each other with water.

Lil' Abby after her nap... check out that hair! Sweaty mess. Blech!

Having a tickling war. 
It was very adorable, and the mom's were just grateful to be standing still in an air conditioned building. 

Abby was really good. Just sat quietly the whole time in her stroller eating snacks... except for when some stranger let her baby walk over and poke Abby in the eye. Kids these days. Just kidding

Lil' C

Miss A

Mr. J

I didn't get a cute smile picture of two of the other kiddos there or even of my own two daughters for that matter... but these were too cute not to share! 

It was great to make use of our Zoo membership and to go with friends! What a fun day. 

PS - I hope you moms don't mind me posting pictures of your cute kiddo on my blog.
Let me know if you do. 


Duncan & Kallee said...

LIZ! Oh How I love you! I didn't know you had a BLOG! WE are going to be BLOGGIN BUDDIES! AHHHHH!!!!

Gwendolyn said...

Cute kids!! Looks like you guys had fun. We have yet to do the zoo this year. Maybe this weekend.
Sarah is adorable. I will hold her hand anytime (when you come back here that is...)