Sunday, July 25, 2010

Curious George

They switched out their Traveling exhibit at the Children's Museum to Curious George. Sarah love him {I do too} so we had to go. So after Ryan got done on Friday I picked him up and we headed straight over to check it out. 
They  had this Cute rocket ship right when you walked in. The kids could climb up in it...
and then go down a slide to get out. Sarah went down a gazillion times, which was nice, we could just sit there and watch. 
There was a cute register and play money that Sarah had so much fun with. She would run up to random strangers and give them money or a piece of fruit to buy. It was embarrassingly cute. 
Luckily there are a lot of very sweet parents there who just played along. 
Abby was asleep when we got there and it took her awhile to wake up and stop clinging to Ryan or I. 
When she did she was very cute and gave George a big hug. 
One of her favorite things was opening and closing all of these little doors that had pictures of Curious George characters behind them, and one had a mirror. She was always so surprised to see herself, even if she had just barely opened it. 
This is the part that I felt really old. Sarah was fascinated by this phone. It was like a foreign thing that she had never seen before. Ryan and I have just had cell phones since we've been married, and so a telephone has never been around the house. She kept coming back to it over and over again. 

It was so fun having Daddy along. 
I still can't believe she is toddling around everywhere. She still seems so tiny to me!

Right before we left Sarah decided to get into dressing up. 
Which made it a really hard to drag her out of the museum. 

**Once again, I only had my little camera... so these pictures are less than great... I really have gotten spoiled with taking pictures with my new camera...oh well... got to show the fun.


Melissa said...

How are always doing such fun things with your kids!

Amber, Scott & Hunter said...

Oh I am so jealous! Hunter would love going to a place that was nothing but Curious George! (He loved seeing your pictures too) You are such a fun mom, thanks for sharing with us!