Sunday, July 25, 2010


Last Monday evening our local library had a Pirate Party. So Sarah and Mommy decided to go. It was fun. They read a couple of pirate stories and we did some Pirate songs, sort of, they changed the words to songs like "If you're happy and you know it" to include swab the deck, walk the plank, etc... all things I wouldn't do when I am happy. Also they did "The wheels on the Bus" but changed it to things on the beach, like "the waves on the beach go up and down." 

I thought it was cute, but of course, it wasn't up to Sarah's standards. It was really embarrassing to have Sarah sitting through the story time and songs scowling and frequently turning to me and asking loudly "Is it over yet?" "Can we go home NOW?!!!" I wonder why I "drag" her to things like this sometimes. 

Tangent: So Sarah loves to sing. I hear her prancing around the house singing the songs we do in singing time at church, but whenever we are there... and someone is singing them to her... out comes the classic Sarah scowl and usually a tantrum in a range of intensities. She KILLS me! It doesn't help that mom is trying to keep all the other kiddos under control... but can control her own! Grrr....(sorry , it is Sunday... and that was just fresh on my "I'm frustrated" meter)

Anyway... back to the Pirate party. 

Sarah really loved it {once the singing was over}. We also got to make pirate hats and play a few little games like "Toss the Turtle into the Bucket" for prizes. It was a short fun thing to take Sarah to, just mommy and daughter. 

I had decided to walk to the library {its up hill}, and I didn't want to lug my nice camera so we just took our little one. Don't mind the fuzzy pictures. :)

Argh, she does make a cute little pirate!


Red Dawg said...

I have the exact same problem with Henry. Maybe they are both gifted in some unique way that will make them millionaires and support us in our old age.

Gwendolyn said...

Karter would LOVE that!
Love Sarah's arrgh face. :)