Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fairies on the Move

So the cute little fairy garden (at the end of the post) that my mom set up for Sarah was making quite the little mess. It was right by our sidewalk and little Miss Sarah was getting dirt EVERYWHERE! So while I was planting a couple of plants my got for me, I decided to take a couple of minutes and move it more into the yard. I made little brick stepping stones to get back there and it will be quite the fun little area to play (and won't get dirt much). 

Oh I just love it!

A close up of the teeny house, the cute frogs and fairies. 

From above. I know the little {cheap} white fence kind of looks weird, but I needed some way to keep the girls from going into the driveway.

Thanks again Grandma Newey for helping us finally get our garden made for our Fairy friends.  

I didn't even take a picture of the cute little stepping stones to get to it. Maybe tomorrow. 


Ash said...

So very cute Liz! And so very fun! I love the little fairy house.

Deb said...

Very cute! Hey, you should post your adventures while you mom was in town. Also, I've been waiting for a post about Abby's birthday!!

Gwendolyn said...

That is so cute!! I want one! Maybe an elephant land or something more for the boys but you have definitely inspired me.

mom said...

That looks adorable, I can't believe you had the energy to go home and work in the yard! I really like the little circular garden accent with the marbles. Much better spot.