Saturday, July 3, 2010

We're Members

of the Pittsburgh Zoo! 

We've been meaning to get a membership for a while, but we just never made it over. 
So we finally went and are now Zoo members... oh and they have an Aquarium too, so it is open year round. 

We actually went two days in a row. Friday late afternoon and Saturday early afternoon. We went on Friday to see most of the animals and then this morning decided to go again to catch some of the shows and feeding times. We actually only got to see one show today... but that is okay. We were done. Probably shouldn't have gone back to back like that. But we still had fun. 

See look!
Doesn't that look fun? 
Oh, and that bum in the picture is a Rhino... I have a picture with its head up, but I loved this one of Sarah much, much more
Abby's picture is much more convincing of the fun we had. 

Sarah and Daddy got up close to see all of the exhibits 
Like the baby Elephant, isn't it so cute! It had been hiding in the middle of three elephants and right as we were getting ready to leave it came out and waved its cute little ears at us.

While Mommy and Abby kept tabs on the stroller and walked around a bit. 

We were really excited to see the aquarium... but were a little bit disappointed at the shark tunnel. We went to the aquarium in Vegas a couple of years ago, and it was more impressive... but Sarah still liked to watch them swim over her head. 
(the above picture is just of a big fish, it isn't in the shark tunnel... it was crowded... so no pictures)

They do have a cool tunnel that goes through the polar bear's swimming pool. So if your timing is right you can watch him swimming from under the water. We didn't have good timing, next time. 

One of the reasons we decided to go the next morning was to try and catch the animals at a more active time. Well, we didn't get out early enough, but we did catch a "meet the animals" show. 
Abby's favorite part was eating the wood chips on the ground.

Sarah's favorite part was petting the Turtle and SNAKE!!!
 I was very proud of my brave little girl for petting the snake. 
Don't worry... yellow touching black, we were okay Jack. 

We ate a quick lunch while we were waiting for the Sea Lion Show to start...
but as we strolled over to see it, we realized we were at the wrong spot, and we had to walk past the kiddie kingdom (that has slides and rope nets to climb) so we decided to let Sarah play for a while and just head home after that. That is the best part about a zoo membership. You don't have to feel rushed to do it all in one day, we can just go for an hour or two and then leave. 

Well Sarah was a little tired and cranky when we were leaving, so we bribed her with her favorite thing. 
Nope, not cotton candy (thats MY favorite thing). 
A carousel ride. It was worth the buck we paid to cheer her up before we left. Although, she was just as excited to go down the huge escalator to get out of the zoo. *sigh*

It was a fun time (both days), I am glad that I can just go whenever. The zoo is nice and shady, so even though it was a hot day, it really wasn't to bad in the shade of all of the trees. 


Deb said...

That looks like so much fun! I wish our zoo was bigger (and less crowded and hot) and had an aquarium! That looks like the San Diego Zoo and Seaworld combined! You'll have to take us when we come out and visit (after I rob a bank).

Ash said...

Even thier Zoo looks better then ours. :( That's it I'm making Josh go go to medical school. :)

Jamie Hirtle said...

I love going to the zoo! The baby elephant is so cute.... as are your girls!

Anita said...

Your kids are adorable! How did you get them to sit still to do their hair so cute? Love the zoo with kids. Sounds like you all are having fun. What a great mom!

Brittany said...

That does look like fun, despite the sad Sarah picture. and your girl's hair always looks so cute too!

Melissa said...

I agree with your picture choice of Sarah despite the rhino bum...what a cute sad little face! I get so excited to read your blog and look at the fun activities you're doing. SOON I will be there. Too bad you don't live here so we can go on zoo adventures together!

Cecilotta said...

I have found you, via some clever blog-stalking :D You're making me want to visit the zoo!