Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why I love my Mom!

There are thousands of reasons why I love my mom, but I had to hurry and post something wonderful she did for me today (while my mom is resting, I think she wore herself, and me, out!)

Remember what my cute little house looked like when I moved in?
Check out those bushes! They were out of control. The very front hedges were as tall as my stroller and covered up about half of our frond side walk (not to mention all the space they took up in my tiny front yard).
There is a tree in there, a very untamed rose bush... and lots and lots of weeds. I wish I had taken the picture a little lower so you could really see the difference. 

I did quite a bit of work this past spring, but I think I burnt myself out (that, and Ryan and I have been meaning to buy mulch and some little annuals for three months now... *sigh*). I have kind of let the yard go a little. I had just barely sprayed some crab grass and weeds growing a few days before my Mom came, so it looks really bad with the dead yellow weeds everywhere. 

Anyway. Here are some before's and after's from what my Mom helped me get done this morning. 






SUCH a huge difference, don't you think? I do! These pictures really don't do the change justice. I am sure people are going to walk past my little front yard and do a double take... at least I hope they will after all that hard work! 

Thank you, thank you Mom!!! I love you so much, and love even more that you'd want to spend your short little vacation here cleaning out my front yard. Mwah! XOXO!

She even helped us make a cute little fairy garden space for Sarah. 
(We love fairies are our house)
We are going to get little plants like baby alyssum to plant in there. So fun!

Did you see how dirty that little kiddo is? Let me show you again. 
I should have taken a picture of her feet... they instantly turned the shower brown. 
So gross, but that's what childhood is about, playing in the dirt. 

PS - Hey Brooke, Mom mentioned to me that you didn't know if your Russian Sage survived... hope you are glad to see that it has! It is HUGE! I love it. :) Hope I made your cute little yard look a little more like what you remember. :) And don't hate me for hacking those bushes... I hope you don't mind me making them so little. 


Brooke said...

Whoa! Them hedges are GONE, and good riddance! Brian and I always talked about hacking them down to bits, but we never had the time/nerve to actually do it. Good for you!

I'm VERY happy to see the Russian sage and other perennials I planted doing so well. Makes me miss the lil' house a bit!

Melissa said...

Very impressive. Moms are so great! I love the picture of Sarah covered in dirt! :-)

Deb said...

Your mom certainly has a green thumb. Maybe I can trick her into coming over and helping my yard look pretty! Just kidding. Though, I did do two simple suggestions she gave me and now my garden is flourishing. What a talent!

Gwendolyn said...

Your mom is certainly awesome! I hate weeding and that stuff, so that would be the best gift ever! And I LOVE, LOVE that house so much. So cute!
Sarah is adorable (even covered in dirt)! That's pretty much what my boys look like daily. :)

Ash said...

What an awesome mama you have! I LOVE the fairy garden. I love your moms fairy garden too. Such a cute idea, my mom and I stole it.
I have a spot I want to put one, I just don't have the know how of what to plan there. My mom did one, it's really cute and she has a sign that hangs in it that reads "Don't piss off the fairies. :) I LOVE FAIRIES!
Looks great! All your hard work was worth it. :)

Heidi said...

Your mom is the greatest! I love what she did :) Your blog is always so much fun to read Liz! I love it!!