Sunday, July 18, 2010


How does a week fly by so fast? I mean seriously...I can remember starting the countdown to when my mom would be here about 53 days ago, and now it has come and gone. I won't lie, I'm a little sad... okay that is a lie... I am really sad! I miss her so much already. I wish we lived closer, or at least somewhere that flights were cheaper to come by. Oh well. Just keep swimming right? 

I was a big slacker during my Mom's visit. The entire day would go past without me pulling out the camera. 
Dang it!

Anyway, here are some rambling of her visit (with some pictures at the bottom). I don't have the energy to make it transition in a cute and witty manor... so just read the little snippets... if you want. 

I was really bummed that I forgot my camera the day we went to the Zoo. We went to an area that we hadn't been to yet. There was a deer yard where you could pet them if they were close, one licked my hand and then turned around for Sarah to pet his bum. She thought touching a deer was pretty cool (even if it was on its bum). We also got to go into a kangaroo yard and one hopped right in front of Grandma and Sarah, she even got to pet its tail. There also was a better little play area for Sarah to play while we hung out and ate some lunch. We caught the Sea Lion show on the way out, very fun. 

I could really see a difference in how happy my little kiddos were. Just beaming all of the time. It didn't matter how sleep deprived they were, they still giggled and laughed with Grandma. I wish I had a camera constantly on them so that I could cut and post all of the darling moments to share.

We did lots of shopping and errands, and you know, it isn't nearly as painful as doing it by yourself. Quite fun actually, and I just loved how enjoyable working hard in the yard was. I used to love going over to my mom's house and help her weed, plant or work on whatever project she has going on. I enjoy yard work, when it is cool outside. But this hot, humid weather that is hitting us is hard, and it was so nice to have someone encourage me to get out there early in the morning and totally give my yard a makeover. 
See HERE for pictures. 

After working hard in the yard for a good four hours, we decided that a calorie evil dinner was warranted. So my mom took us out for some authentic German food at Max's Allegheny Tavern (did you know that my Grandpa was German, so yeah, I am a 1/4 German... random Liz trivia). It was very good. Not something you could eat everyday because I think it will take a couple of weeks to undo the artery clogging damage I did that night, but it was very yummy. 

One morning we went to a Baby Play story-time thingy at the library. I have been meaning to go since we moved here, but just never got around to it. I am glad my mom gave me the extra push to go. I'm going to have to put it into our schedule from now on. It was really fun. It was more like a singing time where they did finger plays, and nursery rhymes. Abby was enthralled and Sarah even cracked the grumpies for a smile or two. Sarah got to check out some books with her library card and we even picked up a few books at the book sale they were having. 

I loved watching Abby and my mom together. I was a little nervous because Abby has really entered the shy "danger-stranger" stage, but she instantly ran into my moms arms and cuddled with her. 

This picture is blurry, but you can see how sweetly Abby looks at Grandma. 
Oh, I just love it!

Sarah got to pick out these little finger puppet monsters. I think I need to write a children's book about A Princess and her Monsters... it is such a weird combo... only Sarah. Anyway, here is the latest random toy that Sarah loves to play with night and day. 

Sarah loved having Grandma there to "play" with her. She has really gotten into the pretend play and is constantly begging for someone to play with her. 
(Thanks mom for being so sweet and patient... it was a nice break)

Here is just a cute picture of Abby
Notice the cute crocheted flower in Abby's hair. Grandma Lisa sent it to me in the mail (Thanks!) and my mom decided to show me how to crochet so I could make some myself. So we picked up some hooks and floss/yarn and I've been crocheting them left and right to practice. I am still terrible... but I'll get there. It sure is fun to do. I want to learn how to do the headbands and beanies too! You'll probably see them a lot in the girls hair in the near future. 

Here is Grandma snuggling with the girls during a movie.
Oh I just love this one. Cuddle buddies. Abby is just at the best little snuggling age. She has really started giving kisses and hugs. Heart melting. 
My mom was really sweet and watched the girls so Ryan and I could have a date night. It was really nice to go out and not stress about having to rush back to get the girls. We ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, it was good. I have never been there, I didn't realize what a nice restaurant it was... we felt a little under dressed in our jeans... but who cares. Then we went and saw "Knight and Day." Ryan and I enjoyed it, and loved the evening we had to ourselves. Priceless!
Here we are at the end of Grandma's visit. It was so sad taking her to the airport. It didn't feel near long enough, but we'll take what we can get. 

I love you Mom! Thanks for the wonderful visit!


Deb said...

Awww, I love that first picture of your mom with Abby. You should frame it. Sorry it went too quickly for you. I wish I had something better to say.... Glad you got to go out on a date and also have fun with your mommy!

mom said...

Definitely went too fast for me too! Please learn photo-shop and take away my wrinkles---I was not nearly as tired as I looked in those photos! Love you all, I really had a fun time with you there.

Aden and Jamie said...

THe Cheesecake Factory is my FAVORITE place to eat!! They had one in Hawaii that I went to all the time. I haven't been to the new one in SLC yet. I'm glad you were able to spend some time with your mom! mine has yet to visit me!

Gwendolyn said...

How fun to have your mom visit! Time always goes by too fast when you're having that much fun. Your mom is awesome, glad you got a date night and got to visit with your mom.