Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Randomness and a few Quacks

On Sunday Abby had a bloody encounter with an oversized book in the Nursery (No, Abby is not in the nursery yet, but her mom is... so she is usually in there with me until Ryan is done playing the postlude). Here is a picture of her fat lip... it is blurry... but it is all that I could snap. 
But she is a trooper. She cried for just a bit and then was fine.

On Monday morning Sarah discovered her breath on windows. 
Through her nose... can you see her breath marks on the picture on the left. *sigh* 
Where's the windex?

Abby is becoming quite the little mooch at the dinner table. Ryan and I are quite surprised at the different foods she likes. Sarah has been such a good eater we were sure that Abby would be Lil' Miss Picky, but so far she is open to pretty much anything (although she did spit out some watermelon that I shared with her this morning... but I think it was because it was really cold). Last night for dinner we had Taco Salads and Abby enjoyed kidney beans, black olives and even green peppers. Way to go Abby!!!

We had an earlier dinner than usual, and even though the weather has been hot, we decided to go for a walk and head down to a little pond in Schenley Park to feed the ducks. It was probably about a mile walk, which we worried would be too long and hot, but it wasn't,  the weather was BEAUTIFUL! It was a little cloudy, and a breeze kicked in and made it just perfect. I am so glad that we went. Here are some pictures of the girls feeding the ducks. 

There were two adorable ducklings... they weren't tiny, but they still had that baby fuzz around their necks... and were a bit smaller than the other ducks. 

There was also this sad little duck that was missing part of his top beak. So sad. 

Abby was just happy as can be to be outside and to have these little waddling things all around with her. 

It was a beautiful outing for our little family.
Thanks love for taking us!


Priscilla said...

Ohh... that poor duck has a cleft beak! Quick! He needs surgery and an SLP, stat!

Brooke said...

Ah! The duck pond! I love that place. Brian and I always liked it when we had a stale breadcrust laying around, because it gave us an excuse to see the ducks. Glad you enjoyed it!

Gwendolyn said...

Love that when kids discover "foggy window art" :) I have pics of Karter doing the same thing but much younger.
Poor Abby, nursery's tough! :)