Saturday, June 26, 2010


So it is Saturday night. 

Got BOTH girls to bed before 7:30pm (pat on the back)

Got the church bags ready, house picked up and even got breakfast ready to grab and go in the morning. 

So what do I do at 8:30pm when Ryan is still doing research at the lab, and I am bored and don't feel like watching anything...


I have been really bad taking pictures this week {sorry G'mas}. Which stinks because we went to a very cute Beach themed birthday party and I didn't take my camera... I missed out. Oh well. 

So lets chat about the week a little. It has actually been pretty good (aside from one really downer day... but I don't want to talk about that. Nothing happened it was just blue). We had a guest come and stay with us Friday night so she could get an early start on house hunting this morning (hopefully she moves here, I think we'd be great friends and she has two kids close to Sarah's age, so it'd be great). So, in a frantic whirlwind I cleaned the house and now it feels nice and sparkly... *sigh* ... just makes my heart happy. 

Friday afternoon I was making Sarah's bed (she had an accident so I had to wash the sheets...big downer to bunk beds... pain to change the sheets!). Well, I don't know if I have taken a picture of Sarah's new room layout, but we put Abby's crib where the bottom bed would be on the bunk bed to make more space in their room. Sarah was climbing on the beam of the lower bunk and slipped and landed right on the back of her left upper thigh. She cried, but I didn't really think anything of it. 
Well this morning Sarah could barely walk on it. It was drama, drama, drama. It was hard to tell how much it really hurt her because she was playing it up so much. She either pulled her hamstring or bruised it (can you bruise a muscle?) I don't know. She wouldn't even stand on it. I really didn't know whether or not to take her to the B-day party because she wouldn't have to much fun limping around, or to take her to the doctor.  My other thought was that maybe it would encourage her to walk around on it and warm/loosen it up. So that is what we did, and it worked! Everyone was very concerned about how she was limping... but after ten or fifteen minutes she was walking around flat footed again. I think she'll be fine, I am just a little nervous that it will get tight again tonight and we'll have the same drama, drama, drama before church in the morning (please oh, please oh, please NO!)

Hmmm... What else, what else. 

Oh! So, the desk up in our guest bedroom was bulky and awkward because you couldn't push a chair under it. It drove me bonkers... and so I found a cute little desk on freecycle and asked Ryan to pick it up with me. Here is how our loverly pick up went. 
(Keep in mind the lady giving it to us (for FREE) was standing right there). 

Ryan looks at the desk (it is kind of cute, she put a floral paper on the front of all the drawers, but very girly). 
R: Thats the desk?
L: Don't worry, I'll fix it so its not so girly. 
R: Where is this desk going to go?
L: Upstairs for you to study at. (I thought this was obvious... where else?)
Our current little desk has the space for a PC to go in, and that is where Ryan sticks most of this books, and it has a little hutch he could put things on, but NO DRAWERS...
R: (a little irritated) Liz, where am I going to put my books?
L: We'll figure it out...
R: *sigh* (or Hmph more like it).

Needless to say, Ryan was not too happy about the new little desk. But it is narrower (giving more room between the bed and the desk), has drawers, allows for a chair to be pushed under, and will look EXTREMELY cute once I match it up to the current decor. I had to negotiate boxing up books on the downstairs bookshelf so he would have somewhere to put his books... but it is up there and I love it. I even found time to recover a little chair to match. It needs to be painted... but it works for now. 

I feel a tad bit guilty for getting my way on this one. After all... Ryan is the one who studies in there. But I am the one who is stuck home all the time and would be driven crazy by the old desk day, after day... yup... still feel guilty. 

Oh well, the great news is the old little desk fits perfectly where my couch and love seat meet up and create and awkward space in my living room. We've never been able to find an end table high enough to be functional and it works perfect. Plus, I was able to put all the toys into little spaces in the desk... sounds weird, but I really like it (today at least)

Blah, blah, blah. I am being way too wordy on this post. So here is what everyone is going to skip to the bottom to see. The pictures!

Sorry no pictures of Sarah.


Brittany said...

I want to see some before and after pics of the desk! Wow, sounds like you've been crazy busy. Fun fuN!

Ashley said...

Liz, I love the pictures. She is hilariously-cute. Your desk sounds great, will you post before and after pics?? Hope your having a great day!!

Ashley said...

P.S. I think you are amazing to have everything ready to go for church the night before. I should totally try that! ;) Also, I love when people coe to visit. I get that fire under me to clean my house extra good for visitors. I need visitors every few months to maintain a clean home. Oh, and I LOVE the movie of Abby walking. She is so darling!!