Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Abby Walking

So she still isn't brave enough to do this with out mommy's arms ready to catch her. But she is sure getting better. I can hardly believe how quickly she is growing up!

Sorry the lighting is so bad in this little video. I have been meaning to get a good video of her walking for a while now, but Sarah isn't the best film maker so we needed to wait for a time that Daddy was home. I just love how giggly and bubbly she gets before bedtime {sometimes}.

Also, check this out!

Can you see that little white thing in there? Yup, thats her molar! 

Check out that toothy girl. What a monster!

But we sure love her. 


Erin said...

that is a lot of teeth!
like A LOT, A LOT...
what a cutie!
When is her birthday?

Liz said...

She'll be one on July 5th. Too many teeth if you ask me. It makes her look so much older... where's my baby?!!!

Deb said...

That is insane! That was June two weeks ago and now she is running all over the place! I can't believe how advanced she is. When June was that age, she had two teeth and was barely crawling...but I need to stop comparing!!! Abby is sooo darling. I love that girl. And I love how you did her hair in the video. How did you do it? I only know pigtails.

Liz said...

Deb, seriously don't compare. Where Abby is lacking June is excelling. Like for instance June is way farther ahead on speech and communication. I am just barely getting Abby to clap, and she has only waved once to me. Where June was doing her cute pagent wave months earlier. Also, Abby really only says dada and mama... and half of the time it is just jabber with no meaning.

I think June is the smartest, perfect little one ever!

Oh, and as for the teeth, I think Eleanor didn't get her first tooth until she was 13 months! And now look at her toothy grin. My friend (whose husband is here for dental school) says the later the teeth come in the better. The sooner they are out the more at risk they are for cavities. I am paranoid! And Abby isn't the most cooperative when it comes time to brush.

Ash said...

I love that! The little waddle is the best! Oooo but teething times, so glad I'm past that you make me wanna have another baby and not have another baby all int he same post. :)
Don't worry Deb I compare too, it's hard not to even if it's not right. I always hear about stuff June is doing and panic that Fred hasn't done it yet when he's 3 months older. Funny it seems like a kid either walks early or talks early but never both. :)