Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wonder Pets

I don't know exactly what I was thinking when I suggested that Sarah watch Wonder Pets because that is all that she'll watch now. Not that it isn't cute listening to the three little characters sing in a little kid off tune way. Or to hear that darn theme song over, and over, and over again! It just gets old. real. fast. 

What I do love is how Sarah has started to sing everything she says.
♪ "I've got to go potty" ♪
♪ "No, I don't want to" ♪
♪ "Mom, can you please help me" ♪

You get the idea. I have tried catching this on film but have yet to be successful. Maybe someday soon I can get it. But until then I had to write it down so I could remember my happy singing Sarah.


Annie Goodwin said...
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Annie Goodwin said...

Ha, those are a little creepy! Who thinks of this stuff. Better than grown men dancing around in matching outfits.