Monday, June 21, 2010

Acadia National Park

This post is a little late, but better late than never. I tried to get Ryan to do this post, but I don't think it will ever happen. So you will get my version instead, bwah ha ha! Just kidding. I really just want to get the pictures on here and a few memories. :)

So the day after Ryan finished his first year of medical school he flew off to Maine to "learn how to research." I believe he was gone May 23-29... a whole stinkin' week and I didn't even get a chance to celebrate finishing his first year! Sheesh, probably was more fun to celebrate with some of his fellow med-students in Maine.

Anyway. The research lab/learning center place that they were at was located right next to Acadia National Park in Maine. So jealous. We are definitely going sometime... hopefully soon. I actually almost went with Ryan, but it is a good thing I didn't because they stayed in girls/guys dorms and that might have been weird.

Their schedule was pretty crazy. They would work all day in the lab one day (like 8am to 10pm) then the next morning they'd present on what they learned and then go and play the rest of the day. Not too bad of a deal. Their first play day they went hiking. Ryan didn't take many pictures, he told there were people there with really nice SLR cameras... everyone is going to share the images on a blog or facebook. Yeah... right. I knew I would never get them to use them, so I encouraged him to take more pictures... or at least have people take pictures of him, because that is all I care about. Anyway. I think this first picture is either on the trail, or right out back of their building (you'll have to ask Ry).


And every night they would walk out onto this little dock. 
And watch the sunset. 

Most evenings Ryan and I would webcam for a little bit (there really was no cell phone coverage). Man I was so jealous. But it was good for him to get away and have a little bit of a break. 

Another one of the days they took a long bike ride. 

(Isn't he such a cutie!)
Ryan really loved biking (thus the reason we just did it in THIS post)

Here is another day of hiking (with pictures this time...hehe).

One of the days they headed into the small little town and cooked up some lobster. This was Ryan's first experience of lobster and really wasn't that crazy about it. I think it probably needed to be cooked better... we'll see when we finally go somewhere nice and have some good lobster. 

(I love this picture)
This town was all about Lobster. There was even an ice cream shop that sold lobster flavored ice cream (yuck!)

Ryan passed, and I am sure he got his usual Chocolate and Peanut Butter instead. 

It was a really fun week for Ryan (even if he did have really long days in the lab)
He has promised me that we will go someday... someday...


Melissa said...

Beautiful pics! Looks like such a fun place. Glad Ryan got a well deserved break from the demands of med school.