Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

The weather has been fairly decent the past couple of days, what am I talking about, it has been GORGEOUS! And even though we've been stuck in the house with sick Abby we have still ventured out for our daily walks (whats better medicine than fresh air?). Well today mother nature decided to lay a bomb of a rain storm on our happy sunny weather. I love our little walks around the neighborhood. 

I am really feeling blue... blog therapy? Why yes, thank you!

Look at that... wet and gloomy. 
It looks more gloomy out my window than in this picture.
(Maybe partially due to the fact that they are filthy... sheesh, wheres the windex?) 

I am starting to wonder how much the weather really does affect my mood. I have no motivation today. The girls are going stir crazy. Abby has entered the mom-can't-leave-the-room stage and I feel like she has been fussy all. day. long! It doesn't help that I woke up with a headache and feeling still exhausted. 

Then the toys started getting pulled out and spread through out the house. This is just Abby's little messy... it is the only part of the house that I could really take a picture of and not be too embarrassed. The upstairs is a disaster, the desk is over cluttered and we won't even talk about the rest. 

Sarah is still having fun, the best she can. Pretending to be a superhero. I really need to make her a cape or something. Her blankie is too small to tie around her neck so we had to improvise with a chip clip... not creative, just the closest solution at the moment. 

I think I have checked my e-mails, Facebook, blogs about a gazillion times today. I really want to go out for a walk but can't take lil' Abby out in this weather. Not when her cough and runny nose are finally starting to clear up. So here is the only sunshine I can share for the day. 

Although these express the mood of our day much better. 

And yes. The girls are both in their shirts from yesterday, pants-less, messy hair and unbathed. Lets just hope Child and Family Services doesn't stop by unexpectedly.

PS - Mr. Sun... I hope you read this and show your big bright face tomorrow! Please? 
So that we can go on walks and come home with this.

Two exhausted lil' kiddos. 


Erin said...

Same boat...
minus the excuse of rain and sick kiddos - just having a blah day.
My girls are also in yesterday shirts, diapers, messy hair, no baths
I have desperately checked my e-mail, blog, and facebook a 'bazillion" times today too.

Annie Goodwin said...

Totally understand the whole "weather blues". Sometimes it just drags you down. Looks like the girls are keeping you on your toes. They are so cute I just want to squeeze their cheeks off!!!

Ash said...

I love to come to the Liz blog for my dose of feel good medicine. So happy I'm not alone on having lazy days and praying that nobody shows up to see my disaster of a house. :)
I wanna see pics from your walks! The pictures you take from you back deck make it look so pretty there. Full of green and life. I wanna see what it looks like around the neighborhood. Please please!!!

Aden and Jamie said...

I am glad I am not the only one who checks FB and other websites a gazillion times a day. It's even worse now that I am looking for a job... "Hmmm... maybe there is another posting even though I just checked an hour ago. Better check just in case..." And the rain has been our companion as well. Wish you lived closer cuz then we could play!