Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Its official

Abby is walking. 

Too crazy, but I kind of prefer walking to crawling, because dirty feet aren't as noticeable as dirty hands and knees (hehehe...*sigh*).

Anyway, this a longer video {sorry}, but it has lots of things in it... like Abby walking, Sarah being crazy, Sarah singing the Wonder Pets song, and Abby waving hello. So if you can bear the four minutes you get to see a lot. You'll just have to look past my messy desk, the hand weights, wii board and toys on the floor, the left out vaccuum cleaner (I refuse to put it away until I finish vacuuming what I started...a day or two ago), the blankets and towels all over, the laundry basket on the couch (at least they are folded), and just ignore the fact that I am letting Abby play with a water bottle cap...

Oh, and the heat and humidity have really kicked into gear this past week. It has been pretty bad. I have been trying really hard to get my exercise in during the morning (Ryan has been a great help, he pulls me out of bed some mornings). But I feel like I am never cooling down afterwards. Its like I need to carry a washcloth with me the entire day to pat my face dry {sorry, too much info?}. Anyway, it has really put a damper on my motivation to do anything... it is so. stinkin'. HOT! Bleh... and it is only June... oh dear. If the mall wasn't so far away I think we'd be going there everyday to play at the little indoor playground.


Aden and Jamie said...

Cute girls! It is fun to hear Sarah singing. Again, I have said this a million times, I wish we lived closer and I would come play with you!

Carolyn said...

Your apologies for your house sound just about exactly like mine. When you have little kids, what can you do?

Deb said...

Ah! She is walking so well! SO CUTE!!

Brooke said...

Abby is stinkin' cute! And I feel your pain about the heat...keep in mind I went through TWO summer pregnancies in that house, blech. I do not miss Pittsburgh summers AT ALL.

The mall playground is far away, but keep in mind that the children's museum has air conditioning, and so does the library.

You might also want to spend time finding the dollar theater in West Mifflin. It's called the Carmike Maxi-Saver 12, and while the building's kinda run down, they don't charge any admission until kids turn FOUR!!! It's worth the drive to sit in a nice cool theater for $2 for the whole family!

Do you know about the big outdoor fountain in the Southside shopping center? It's near the Cheesecake Factory, and kinda like the one in the Gateway, where kids splash around in it.

Just some ideas -- stock up on ice pops and stay cool!