Tuesday, June 1, 2010

YES more Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

So our Memorial Day was not so hot. We had every intention of going to our Ward's BBQ, but both Abby and I woke up early Monday morning sick (Abby with a high fever, and me with a nauseating headache). So we just kicked it at home. I meant to have Ryan take Sarah to the picnic, since we promised her at bedtime that she'd be able to go to the park the next morning, but I had gone back to bed and didn't get up until noon-thirty! SHEESH!

Anyway. That night we were all feeling mostly better and we thought it would be fun to hit up the Dependable Drive-In, which I think is Pittsburgh's only Drive-In theater. Ryan and I LOVE the drive in. Two movies for the price of one, the kids can come and we don't have to "sneak" in our goodies... what could be better?!! We were all psyched and ready to go when the rain hit! Wah-wah-wah-waaah....

So we decided to set up our own Sleep-In theater. We pulled out a mattress from the basement and set up a bed in the living room to watch G-Force with Sarah (yes, it was a big sacrifice to watch this, but we were going to see Shrek, and Sarah was really bummed). We popped some popcorn and all snuggled together to watch it. So much fun.

Well, this morning, I have yet to drag the mattress back downstairs and it is still in the living room. So, because we're cool like dat, we decided to have some fun, and turn it into a slide.

Sarah went down every imaginable way. 

Her favorite was jumping and bouncing down on her bum. 

Or just hopping down the whole way.

Abby was watching and decided she wanted in on the fun. 
(Can you tell that she isn't 100% yet, sucking on her plug and snuggling her blankie)

She had fun going down... couldn't get a real good picture because mommy had to help her go down. 

She definitely liked it when she went down with big sister. 

These are the fun parts about being a mom. 

Now off to do the unavoidable dishes...bleh!


mom said...

Okay, you get the award for most fun mom ever award! Talk about a fun memory!

Deb said...

How fun! I love the drive in too, can't wait to go soon! It's been raining here a ton too, I'm so sick of it!! Hope your feeling better!

Brittany said...

Wow, you are a cool mom! I never would have thought of that. :) i love their matching outfits.

Ash said...

YOU ARE SUCH AN AWESOME MOM!!! Can I come be your kid for week or two? :) I LOVE doing stuff like this! Both the living room drive in and the making goofy slides. I need to get back to my fun mom ways and stop being so grumpy all the time. Thanks for the motivation bubbly fun exciting Liz! :)

Erin said...

Liz, you are such a fun mom!!!

Mellie said...

Liz, your girls are adorable! I love the last pic of them together, so cute. You are such a fun mom!